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mmuk man Hydrating Moisturiser

Repairing and Hydrating C Cream For Men
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A tissue repairing and hydrating moisturiser for men from mmuk man. Perfect for building a perfect canvas before the application of mens makeup and other male cosmetics. Our very own hydrating daily moisturiser is defined by it’s anti-oxidant components which remove impurities and provide the first line of defence against them clogging your skin cells throughout the day. A light weight formula will protect your skin against environmental impurities which enter your skin on a minute by minute basis throughout your day. Skin pollutants and toxins struggle to cope in the healthy environment this Hydro C mens moisturiser optimizes your skin to. Such an environment it sets deep within your skin aids in tissue repair and removes the appearance of blemishes, spots and other imperfections within 9-11 days. We are extremely proud to exclusively offer you this high quality expert male moisturiser and makeup base builder which also rejuvenates skin cell growth post 14 days of use. improve the performance of mens makeup such as foundations, bronzers and concealers by allowing our hydrating daily moisturiser to spring your male grooming into a new dimension.

Size - 60ml

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