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Taxi Man Disguys Concealer

Disguising Concealer For Men
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Gentlemen, you’ve never had it so good. Introducing your guilty pleasure, your bit on the side and the product that will transform your skins appearance. Use Taxi’s male specific Concealer for men and realise how far a little cheating can take you. This thin 'twist-up' style concealer is perfect for covering everything from blackheads to dark circles. Whilst at the same time minerals absorb oil to ensure your pores do not become clogged which fight your skins health and appearance.

Taxi man was a range developed specifically for men to host mens makeup products with the same credentials as those products borrowed by men from their other halves every day. Allow this mens makeup product to be your commander and guide you into a whole new world of male cosmetics. Conceal spots, blemishes and other imperfections on your face with one simple application. You will quickly come to realise that this smooth, nourishing mens makeup masterpiece is up there with the best when it comes to improving your skins appearance.

Disguise and highlight the areas of your face which you want to with this expertly blending makeup for men product. No longer does men and makeup equal ‘homosexual’ and this is illustrated by this male only makeup product. Share with the guys, keep the secret and be ready for a big night out, important meeting or date by using a subtle, masculine and flawless promoting makeup product.

Size - 7g

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