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Taxi Man Manscara

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Fine Black Mascara For Men

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Are you a Manscara Man? If you are, or you think you could be, allow us to Introduce you to Taxi Man’s Official Manscara. Released in 2008 it’s popularity has grown remarkably as more and more men have come to realise it’s potential and effectiveness in the mens makeup stakes. Achieve smouldering eyes, take a leap forward with male specific eye makeup and instantly see and reap the benefits from what can only be described as a ‘ marvelous breakthrough in male skin cosmetics’ You don’t have to be in the latest boy band wonder to pull mascara for men off nowadays. In fact, it’s increased exclusivity has opened up mens eyes (no pun intended) to just how far makeup for men can guide you. Even use on your eye brows to hold unruly and out of control brows in place and add more depth and slick to your defined and chiseled look. An anti clumping formula designed specifically for men means this mens makeup is easily applied as well as long lasting. Continually dominate looks and draw attention to your contours and overall eye area. A thinner formula which suits mens lashes best combines with naturally supporting enzymes guaranteeing subtle yet sharp eyes. Smoke your eyes and look magazine ready in all walks of your life. Remember, mens makeup and manscara are on the horizon and it’s time to lead the way in terms of being a 21st century sharp and sexy male.