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TonyMoly CC Cream For Men

MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Stick

Mineral Matifier Makeup For Men
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Call in the cosmetic excellence of MMUK MAN and this mineral matifier, dispensed from an easy to use, stylish and masculine wand. Designed to soak up excess oil in mens skin, which is up to 23% thicker than womens, this wand gives a whole new standard to anti-shine.

Tackle your troublesome t-zone, if you have naturally oily and shiny skin by using this product singularly after your morning grooming routine, even if you do not wear the likes of mens foundation or concealer. Alternatively gents, use this product after your normal makeup for men routine, to remove any excess shine and glow, often associated with makeup use. Take one step closer to natural male makeup wear, with this wonder wand, loved by many a mens makeup artist.

With its transparent tone comes one or two key benefits: Firstly, attain a perfect colour match to your skin with a matte finish, which does not look out of place, odd or unnatural. Unlike most male anti-shine products, which come in a coloured powder format, demanding you get the exact colour for a great look, MMUK MAN’s gives you the flexibility to achieve natural and accurate anti-shine instantly.

Secondly gentlemen, allow this product to match your skin throughout different periods of the year, depending on the different levels of tanning and sun exposure your skin is subject to.

Remaining rigid and sustainable through the harshest of external conditions, look great if you are a gym goer, always on the move or even work outside, scenarios where your skin may produce more oils through its pores, motivated by sweat secretion of the need to protect, giving just two examples.

MMUK MAN’s anti-shine wand has certainly not gone unnoticed in celebrity circles either. With its high definition matte finish, male celebrities have been known to use this product to look great in front of camera, in photographs and on stage, where typically they are constantly on the move. Take the shine out of your skin when you most want to, ensuring you are not left out in the cosmetic cold.

With MMUK MAN’s matte finish absorbing excess sebum across your forehead, nose and chin in particular, this male anti shine’s lightweight nature means you will not feel the weight of the world on your face. Boasting a completely natural mineral formula and part of the luxury MMUK MAN Alpha Mineral makeup collection, it’s time to go pro with your bathroom workout.

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