MMUK MAN Eye Makeup For Guys Kit

MMUK MAN Eye Makeup For Guys Kit

Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Skin Primer

Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Skin Primer For Men

MMUK MAN Ultimate Cover Up Makeup Kit For Men

4 Piece Luxury Men’s Makeup Kit
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Designed for the modern day man is MMUK MAN’s Ultimate Cover Up Makeup For Men Kit.  This four piece makeup for men must have contains a series of products which individually support in the expert cover up of a wide range of mild, moderate and severe male imperfections, such as spots, blemishes, moles, acne, redness, scaring and much more.  All four products professionally combine and intertwine to give you a high definition complexion, a fresh finish and an incredibly subtle makeup for men wear.  Turn your dry and imperfect skin into a toned and tanned feature of success with the UK’s number one selling men’s makeup brand, MMUK MAN. 

Take the reins with MMUK MAN’s Photo Shoot Skin Primer For Men and build the perfect base to your makeup for men.  Apply this product as your first step of four in your men’s makeup application routine for the greatest of looks.  This revolutionary men’s makeup base offers a wide range of benefits including moisturising and protecting the skin,  resizing pores for an even coverage and guarantees long lasting makeup wear, perfect for the 21st century grooming male. 

In steps MMUK MAN’s Foundation For Men, as your second applicant in this men’s makeup kit.  Tackle light to medium imperfections on your face with one quick and easy application using your fingertips, a men’s makeup sponge or a foundation for men brush.  Effortlessly glide away imperfection after imperfection to reveal a more toned, flawless and an ahead of the game complexion.  Apply to the entirety of your face for an even and completely perfect look.  Maintaining your masculinity is essential and in MMUK MAN you can trust to deliver a series of products certain to secure your alpha male status.

Next, take advantage of some serious fire power in the form of MMUK MAN’s concealer stick for men.  Target and eliminate moderate to severe levels of imperfections instantly with one quick, easy and long lasting application.  Perfect for acne and spot prone skin, this male concealer banishes a wide range of imperfections expertly into the background, whilst it’s ultimate blending power maintains the most masculine of male makeup exteriors.  Conceal problem areas and reveal a more confident you with the assistance of  the UK’s number one concealer for men as voted for by Men’s Health readers in August 2012.

Finish the job with MMUK MAN’s Expert Bronzer For Men.  This patented makeup for men heavy hitter offers a naturally masculine tan to your face and perfectly sets the previous three makeup for men products all day long.  A little tan can go a long way, and with the subtlety and expertise of MMUK MAN, this unparalleled male bronzer really does allow you to shine.  With an anti-shimmer finish and a micro fine texture, this men’s bronzing compact finalises your brand new makeup for men kit in extraordinary fashion.

Included in MMUK MAN’s Ultimate Cover Up Makeup For Men Kit comes a Men’s Bronzing Brush and a Foundation For Men Brush, each geared to give you complete ease of application and an incredibly natural professional finish.  Take advantage of another one of a kind men’s makeup kits brought to you by MMUK MAN and catch the attention of others in all of the right ways.

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