STILA Expert Foundation for Men

STILA Expert Foundation for Men

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STILA Makeup For Men Kit

Luxury All In One Mens Makeup Kit
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From ape to gentlemen, boy to man and everyone in-between.  Today, we welcome you to a revolutionary series of makeup for men products straight out of the gentlemen’s lab.  Designed, developed and patented to protect the future of the modern day alpha male for years to come.  With the help of STILA Expert For Men and this luxurious makeup for men kit, no longer shall that cover model complexion and raw masculinity be under threat.  Back up suspicious men’s makeup application and hello ‘hello’ to a professional finish which you will eagerly rave about during man time and keep the world’s best secret during ladies time. 

Comprising of five very different men’s makeup products, each being individually as important as its predecessor, you now have the ability to turn mean machine into sex machine and keep smiling until the sun rises.  Firstly, we start with an expert male skin primer.  Containing moisturising ingredients to hydrate the skin and lock in all its natural goodness throughout your day, you can now have the confidence to conquer and become a modern day Adonis by building the right foundations.  With such a luxurious formula protecting from the very base of your skin, enhancing the performance of your makeup for men products, such is the expertise of this men’s skin primer that the benefits of the moisturising components will not be counteracted by the continual application of makeup.

Swiftly moving on because we know how crucial a man’s time is; The perfect compatriot to the before mentioned Men’s Skin Primer is STILA’s Expert Tinted Moisturiser For Men.  By infiltrating two very unique concepts, upon application you are two crucial steps closer to achieving complete manhood with a perfect complexion.  Firstly, this mens tinted moisturiser evens out your skin's surface area and builds the perfect base for optimal foundation for male use.  Secondly, pigment eliminating enzymes offering moderate coverage are present in this one of a kind male cosmetic product, which completes your first step to a completely imperfection free face.

Coming up second in the cover up stakes and step three of your makeup for men application regime is STILA Experts Foundation For Men.  By minimising pores, softly nourishing your skin problem areas and controlling your skin oil levels, you can now experience the element of luxury with a lightweight, comfortable and healthy formula designed specifically for men’s typically oilier complexions.  Cover up mild to moderate skin imperfections professionally with the help of this men’s makeup heavy hitter.

With protecting, correcting and concealing aspects taken care of, now is the time to focus on the perfecting aspects of this men’s makeup kit in the form of STILA Expert’s Mens Concealer Stick.  No vein, no gain and with an easy pain free application, this makeup for men product gives you the tool to tackle larger imperfections head on and is the knockout blow in your final fight to eliminate them once and for all.  Cover a wide range of skin imperfections including spots, moles, blackheads, fine lines, wrinkles and much much more with the fourth step of your five act regime, guaranteed to impress.

An area we shouldn’t forget is the eyes; the windows to your manhood.  Frame, define and revitalise with a small, handy versatile tool which once applied, enriches your makeup’s professional finish and masculinity.  This compact liquid black guyliner is your perfect wingman in your everyday fight to out rival the competition.  Look good on that special date, night out with the fellas or for that important business meeting with complete confidence in this eye makeup for men product’s subtle and striking finish.

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