STILA Expert Liquid Black Guyliner

STILA Expert Liquid Black Guyliner

STILA Makeup For Men Kit

STILA Makeup For Men Kit

STILA Expert Foundation for Men

One Step Skin Perfecting Makeup For Men
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Built with the modern sophisticated male in mind, is another one of STILA Experts makeup for men hits.  Topping the charts and seriously rivaling the expertise of CK is this foundation for men, geared to take your masculinity and confidence into never before tested waters.  Unleash your inner adonis and prime your skin expertly with this lightweight, durable and dependable male foundation.

Enjoy the comforting aspect of this foundation for men consisting of a lightweight formula which holds underlying moisturising properties designed to prime your skin to optimal hydration.  For an extra luxurious finish, apply STILA Experts Moisturising Skin Primer for men prior to the application of this men’s foundation and set the scene to a masculine enriched enjoyable mens makeup experience.  Furthermore, with the ability to control oil balance within the skin, unlike some other foundations, this one step designer coverage foundation will ensure an unrelenting fresh and flawless finish throughout your day.

Ensure ladies’ eyes never retract from the prize and make that ultimate impression in the office, on that first date or out on the town.  Because gentlemen, let’s face it, you only ever get the chance to create one first impression.  With one quick and easy application every day, allow Makeup For Men UK to give you the tools to success and the confidence to conquer with an expert coverage.  Coupled with an easy to remove formula, which is highly desirable for the modern day man living a hectic lifestyle, this foundation for men ticks all the right man boxes.

Now for the man-science behind the scenes:  Built with 100% natural skin pigments, the ability of this foundation for men to blend with your natural skin tone is rarely unrivaled and is one of the many characteristics justifying the price tag.  Be red carpet ready and welcome yourself to the man’s lab with a truly high definition complexion.  Yes we said HD, because in the same way a television operates, STILA Expert’s male foundation resizes pores and delivers a complete tone, allowing you to show off the complete viewing experience for onlookers.

With a fragrance free formula, this makeup for men product remains completely undetectable in all aspects; guaranteeing your masculinity is not placed on trial for cosmetic wrongdoing and potential frowns from viewers will be transformed to looks of intrigue.  Perfect for users with mid to moderate skin oil levels, this mens foundation simply sets your grooming standards and optimises your appearance.

Face Off:  No, we’re not talking about the film.  But what you can achieve is action hero status with the ability of this foundation to cover up a wide reach of imperfections and skin troubles.  For the final touch and an extra professional finish, choose STILA Experts Concealer Stick For Men to tackle head on, those over troubled areas of your face.

Listed below is the range of problems experienced by Britain’s every day male, which this foundation specifically for a man has the power to reduce the visibility of significantly. 

Uneven Skin Surfaces

Rough Skin

Damaged Skin Pgiments


Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Read below a short snapshot of mens testimonials about this foundation for men, winning the race to provide men with confidence changing skin and cosmetic enhancements enjoyed by all. 

‘I love this foundation for men.  I initially applied using my fingertips as it’s quite a light formula (almost mousse like) but for a perfect coverage i’ve started to use application sponges.  Along with the CK Matte foundation, which I tend to use whilst going out at night, I have the perfect combination of makeup for men products.  Didn’t have any patch or cakey areas and it lasted much longer than any other men’s foundation i’ve used’ (David Booth, Portsmouth). 

‘Great product.  I tend to use it before going on a night out as it makes me feel a lot more comfortable on confident.  I wear this in conjunction with the primer and concealer stick for men and the collection is fantastic.  As each layer goes on, my imperfections literally banish and I can hardly feel any product on my face.  Great buy, thankx’ (Richard Harrold, Solihull).

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