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MMUK MAN Ultimate Cover Up Makeup Kit For Men

MMUK MAN Ultimate Cover Up Makeup Kit For Men

MMUK MAN Eye Makeup For Guys Kit

4 Piece Luxury Makeup For Men Kit
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Take control of the windows to your soul with this luxurious four piece makeup for guys kit.  Concentrating on the eyes, this guys makeup kit contains a series of three eye makeup products which combine to frame, define and dramatise your eyes professionally and subtly, transforming them from lifeless assets to your number one feature.  MMUK MAN specialise in one of a kind formulas, industry leading finishes and subtle guys makeup wear guaranteed to retain your alpha male status.  It is with great pride to declare that with this men’s eye makeup kit, we have certainly succeeded.

Firstly, MMUK MAN’s Lash Primer For Men serves to protect, condition and naturally lengthen your eye lashes, prior to the application of mascara for men.  Creating a perfectly natural look, with easy application and enhancing the performance of your manscara, make this men’s eye makeup base a real winner when it comes to creating a long lasting, professional look.  Make smouldering and sexy eyes really work for you and draw the attention of any onlooker in all the right ways with another makeup for men masterpiece from MMUK MAN.

Secondly, take your pick from a choice of three MMUK MAN guyliners.  MMUK MAN’s liquid guy liner is an easy to apply water based formula which is applied using an application wand and gives strict, blunt and flawless definition, perfect for the modern day subtle makeup for men advocate.  Alternatively choose between one of MMUK MAN’s guyliner pencils, designed to give you complete ease of application and the option to apply thinly, for a sharper look or to be smudged for the showman in you.  With a waterproof option of this men’s kohl pencil available also, the truth is gentlemen, regardless of your eye liner for men demands, in MMUK MAN you can trust to deliver professional guys makeup finishes, all-day long.  Choose between a black and a brown shade in either of our three guy liners to create the appearance you’re searching for.  With brown being a popular shade for men with subtle wear demands and black being a choice for the more demanding striking client, the choice is yours to take eye makeup for guys wherever you want to go.

Finally, MMUK MAN’s Manscara lengthens and defines your eye lashes, turning weak, limp and lifeless lashes into real statements of dominance and intent.  Frame the eye expertly and finish of the job with a professional touch thanks to great mascara for guys.  Completing your eye makeup for men kit is a luxurious product which is equally as quick and easy to apply, will last all day and comes in the choice of a striking black tone or an invigoratingly fresh brown shade.

The fourth product in this guys makeup kit is a luxurious men’s lip balm.  This lip balm soothes, refreshes and nourishes the lips all day long with one swift morning application.  Enjoy visibly healthier lips and a more comfortable feel, guaranteeing your lips match your brand new eyes for a fuller and more defined facial appearance.

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