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mmuk man Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

Marine Botanical Fatigue Fighting Face Mask For Men.
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A deep cleaning complex formula combines with a creamy texture to rehydrate, nourish and enrich your skin in our Marine Botanical Face Mask for men. Designed to improve circulation in your face; this male face mask promotes youth and energy with 2-3 applications per week. Improved circulation improves the condition of your skins main pigment Melanin reducing that grey and dull appearance your skin may portray. This thick face mask also removes dead skin cells expertly brining you into a whole new unprecedented world of male grooming. Let’s face it, if it makes you look younger then why not try mens face masks? Ideal for mid to dry mature skin our Marine Mask uses ingredients to intensely tone your skin within minutes giving your skin a crisper shaper feel. Simply wash off after 10-20 minutes of use with warm water and enjoy the long term nourishment and hydration this face masks for thousands of men every week.

Size - 60ml

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