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Oil-Free Mens Foundation Makeup
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A perfect substitute for men with naturally oilier complexions, our oil-free mens foundation is a lightweight and long lasting formula which can be applied in minutes to achieve a sharp, chiseled and imperfection-free finish. Remember, if you naturally have oilier skin use other forms of male cosmetics such as cleansers and toners to rebalance your skins moisture; this will improve the performance of all mens makeup you use significantly, Our dedication to provide every man out there with a make-up range suited for them doesn’t stop at this product. A gentle nourishing formula promotes your skins health in the long term, by targeting the outer layer of mens facial skin, namely your epidermis. Also, improving your complexion within seconds; covering up problem areas. A smoother, healthier and clearer skin tone is now just a click away. Perfect for sensitive skin types: this mmuk man oil free foundation for man boosts your skins own pigments to achieve radiance and youth. Cover up makeup is perfect for elements of your face which you want removed such as wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines. Finally, this mens foundation is an expert in reducing the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and age spots. Another all round fans favorite from mmuk brought exclusively to you.

Size - 30ml

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