mmuk man Mens Concealer

mmuk man Mens Concealer


mmuk man Oil-Free Foundation

mmuk man Liquid Foundation

Moisture Base Mens Foundation Makeup
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Captivating, fast in applying and masculine...what could be better? mmuk man’s male specific liquid foundation gives you an intense, flawless skin complexion. Mens makeup will never be the same again with this innovative product designed specifically for you. Our passion to bring high quality mens makeup to your wash bags has been extended further with our brand new male only foundation. A bold, masculine case combined with a pump action dispenser means you can carry this in your gym bag, wash bag or glove box meaning a smooth, blemish free complexion is never more than a minute away. Apply 1-2 presses to your finger tips and rub into your face evenly to cover spots, blackheads, blemishes and many more skin imperfections. All of our products contain ingredients that do not have detrimental long term effects to your skin, in fact, quite the opposite. Natural moisturising components such as Aloe Vera and Glycerol are present in this liquid foundation. These ensure beneath your newly found flawless complexion your skin remains protected, nourished and moisturised; promoting a natural fresher look in the long term. Join the male only revolution and improve your skins look instantly with mens makeup, allow mmuk man to help you look younger, alert and pristine day in day out. Finally, pigment intensifiers make blending with other makeup and your natural skin tone easy, ensuring subtlety is maintained, which helps you achieve that masculine look. If your skin tends to build up oil throughout the day, then we recommend our oil-free alternative meaning you do not miss out on the benefits of wearing makeup for men. Men and makeup is a concept you will be, or already are becoming familiar with. Make sure your part of the social shift with Britain’s first complete male grooming and makeup range specifically for us gentlemen.

Size - 30ml

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