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5-Well Men’s Corrector Palette
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Introducing a product that has enjoyed an immense level of exposure on the men’s makeup scene of late, it’s MMUK MAN’s Colour Correcting Concealer Palette, our first concealer palette with three wonderful coverage, colour correcting tones and two skin tone shades to create a beautiful pre-makeup base. This lightweight formula allows for irresistible and buildable coverage, as with each application, it leaves your skin even, smooth and supple.

Use the lilac colour corrector to brighten dark circles and general men’s facial dullness and the green corrector to fantastically balance out men’s facial redness. This luxurious masterpiece is a perfect men’s concealer palette for guys who wish to tackle redness and fatigue, who also need a natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look all the time. It is with this formula’s lightweight texture that you can build and blend a fully flawless complexion, enriched with high intensity pigments. Most guys tend to use this makeup palette because of its long lasting power, allowing busy men on the go to look enhanced all day long.

This product works well with you liquid foundation and skin primer, making a trio of complete coverage, ideal for the modern man. To use, simply press the lilac/green product into the skin in zones, using an angled makeup sponge or application brush, or the pink colour option into areas of dullness and fatigue. Once finished, apply a combination of the two coverage concealers and blend into the skin, for the immediate transformation of your complexion. Blend evenly into your hair line and facial hair too and you will soon be left looking cut from red carpet royalty. Find out how to use colour correcting concealer in male grooming expert’s Shaun Dickson’s recent blog.

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