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mmuk man Anti-Ageing Cleanser

mmuk man Hydrating Cleanser

Alpha Hydroxy Balancing Skin Cleanser For Men
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Exclusively designed and approved for our Alpha hydroxy balancing cleanser has a number of features, including specially selected ingredients tailor made for men’s skin. Your skin is naturally and smoothly exfoliated upon application and is the ideal first step to a good healthy complexion before the application of make-up or moisturiser. Apply using a pad or sponge carefully around your face for 30-60 seconds twice daily giving your skin a smooth and revitalized finish. It’s triple action formula, cleans pores, instantly lifts deep impurities and invigorates your skin leaving you ready for action. ‘a must have for all men’ says one industry expert, this is a product we are very proud of and will not be found in high-street shops. For the only place to buy this product and start your love affair, look no further. For best results combine with a good quality toning lotion and hit problem’s like tired looking skin, wrinkles and eye bags from both angles to immediately improve your look. This product promotes a flawless, blemish free look and offers and intensifying clean leaving you looking perfect and healthy. Approximate lasting time for the average man’s use ; 3-4 months.

Size - 150ml

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