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mmuk man Hydrating Toner

mmuk man Anti-Ageing Cleanser

Collagen and Panthenol Cleanser For Men
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During the fall of 2011 dalleys.com sought to answer the needs of hundreds’ of thousands of middle-aged men out there. Sometimes just a simple wash isn’t enough to keep you guys skin healthier and youthful. This is where our exclusive Panthenol Cleanser came into the limelight. Designed and approved to not only cleans, clean, rejuvenate and smooth your skin but promotes the reproduction of skin cells which are vital in maintaining a youthful, fresh look. Take a step back in time or maintain your fresh look by minimising the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles by working this into your bathroom regime 1-2 times per day with a pad or sponge and start enjoying the benefits of skin cell reproduction. This is a foaming and hydrating cleanser which uses collagen technology to boost your skins activity and flexibility leaving you looking years younger For the younger man; start your fight now and delay the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags amongst others. Approximate lasting time for the average man 3-4 months.

Size - 150ml

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