mmuk man Anti-Ageing Cleanser


mmuk man Anti-Ageing Toner

mmuk man Hydrating Toner

Alpha Hydroxy Balancing Skin Toner For Men
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A perfect compatriot to ‘mmuk Alpha Male Hydroxy Balancing Cleanser’ This toner provides the second step in your morning and evening grooming regime. Specifically designed for men’s skin to restore your skin’s PH balance; one proven technique to healthier looking skin and providing a firm defence against aging. Let us introduce you to some of the technology behind the remarkable’ product. Firstly, your skin’s optimum PH level should be in the region of 5.5 (slightly acidic). This is the optimum for your skin to naturally dispense of dirt, toxins and impurities; some of the many causes of aging. However, most guys fail to meet such an optimum level due to a lot of products in the industry tending to be in the 9-10 region which is too alkaline. This can have harmful effects on your skins‘ smoothness, complexion and condition. This causes dry skin, blemishes, spots and blackheads. Our purpose built and approved toner identifies your PH balance, targets areas which are effected; restores an optimum level of acidity and finally protects for this imbalance throughout the day or night. So what does this do for me?, you may ask. Firstly the restoring of such PH balance boosts your skins ability to dispose of impurities and toxins long into the day leaving your skin (after just ’12-14’ days) visibly cleaner with ‘fewer imperfections’. Secondly, toxins, impurities and excess dirt lead to one thing, aging! Although we can’t promise this will offset aging we certainly recommend this as your second step after your washing routine to actively improve your skins defence. Finally, the application of moisturiser and men’s make up- will improve the look of your skins’ complexion, that’s a given. However, if you don’t get the fundamental’s right you are giving your skin a tough fight in it’s bid to look and feel great. Listen to the experts and start your defence today. Approximate lasting time for the average male 3-4 months.

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