Getting to grips with popular makeup for men products such as concealer, bronzer and foundation can sometimes seem like a thankless task.  However gents, in reality, with the help of some carefully selected male cosmetic accessories, you can dramatically change your grooming flight plan and successfully negotiate the sometimes troublesome assault course that is 'man make-up'.

In today's makeup for men blog, we'll show you how adding just a few tools of the trade to your cosmetic regime can really help you get the complexion you crave.  With the whole essence of men's makeup being based around its ability to look natural and worn undetectable, you'll certainly be surprised how accessories can make this attainable.  Whether it be for foundation, concealer, or bronzer for men, every man out there can truly benefit from the power of cosmetic accessories.

The honest truth gents is that cosmetic regime can be upgraded significantly with the use of 3 versatile brushes.  You do have the option of substituting the foundation brush for application sponges, but this depends entirely on preference, with both giving great and enhanced results.  The other two brushes come in the form of a blending brush (sometimes called a concealer brush) and a blusher brush for men, which is perfect for face powders and bronzers.  Whether you're mastering the art of anti-shine, a bronzed up look, or simply wishing to cover up that lingering spot or blemish, spending as little as £15.00 will certainly stand you in good stead.  With most better quality accessories being fully washable and reusable, it’s important to remember that most men's cosmetic accessories needn't be an endless money pit.

Up first is the foundation brush for men.  Ideal for use with every type of liquid men's foundation, such a brush guarantees even application across the face and ensures the right amount of product is dispersed into those hard to reach areas.  Male foundation brushes also work product into the hairline and facial hair, perfect for making your look natural.  By applying the foundation to the back of your hand before applying small amounts to the face at a time, you’re really able to gage what is enough in just a couple of application practises.

Next, take on board the power of a powder/bronzer brush for men.  These brushes again, guarantee just the right amount of product is transferred to the face, avoiding a streaky, feminine and cakey finish.  Such a product allows you to apply just the right amount to the forehead, nose and cheeks, where your face would naturally catch the sun.  Bronzing brushes, like them all are finely tipped and soft in application, perfect for every man's skin type and comfortable when used.

Finally, it's time for men's blending brush to complete your makeup tool line-up.  This form of brush is used to blend concealer and even eye shadow into imperfections and the beard for darkening enhancement respectively.  The main benefit to a blending brush, aside from making the product unnoticeable, is that you avoid applying concealer with your finger tip, which often results in unwanted oils from entering the pores.  Blending brushes are a real hit in the world of makeup for men and should never be underestimated.  Again, by working the brush around the entire imperfection and blending the product into the surrounding areas, anyone would be hard pushed to tell you’re actually opting for cosmetic products for men.

When we speak of men's makeup accessories, it wouldn't be right without mentioning great ad-ons to your collection.  MMUK MAN's Brow Grooming Brush and Cosmetic Case are ideal if you want to take things a little further.  The quality of such brushes tends to be reflected in the price you pay, with many beginners opting for cheaper brands such as Royal.

With the clear up-rise in male cosmetics, tools such as these look to become more and more prominent as 21st century men further stride towards perfection.