Hi, I would like to know what would be the best product for me? It could be very easy to use and natural looking. I have a little bit of redness in my face. 

I am from Finland and I have quite light colour skin, so I would like to know the best shade for me and products to choose!

I have used various men's makeup products, including bronzer in lighter colours, but they haven't been good for my skin. Now I want to look at MMUK MAN and would like some advice before placing my first order.

Hello there

Thank you very much for your e-mail and sending in your recent picture.

I have taken a look at your photo with one of our makeup experts and we are confident that two products in particular from the MMUK range can help with the reduction of redness on your skin and create a healthy and even complexion.

Firstly, MMUK MAN's Anti-Redness Moisturiser (Restore Deep Line) can be applied in the morning and at night, which will help your skin's natural defence against redness and flare ups. It has built in redness protection naturally and is very suitable for maintaining healthy skin that is prone to flushes.

Cover RednessThen, after one minute, apply MMUK MAN's BB Cream in the colour Light. This is a fantastic skin smoothing cream that evens the skin, removes any traces of redness or unevenness and creates a healthy-looking appearance. It's also great for leaving your skin matte and shine free. It can also be worn, prior to foundation or bronzer too, if you wanted more coverage. Although, in reality the BB cream has great multifunctional skin benefits.

If you find that your skin starts to look shiny throughout the day, you may wish to finish your routine with a setting powder. However, as the Anti-Redness moisturiser leaves the skin matte and the BB cream is designed with a mattifying tint, unless you're overly active or the weather is very hot, the two products above should be more than enough.

If you're suffering with redness for prolonged periods of time, there may be other factors that might be worth thinking about. For example, your hydration levels can have an effect on your skin's redness patterns. Meanwhile, certain foods can be known to cause flare ups or irritation. It's really important to learn your skin's own triggers and ensure that certain ingredients are avoided. I'd always recommend adequate UV protection too in your skin care routine (even in winter). Finding a matte sunscreen that can be applied before your makeup for men products will give your skin a layer of protection too, which in turn will help to tackle flare-ups and further irritation. If your skin is particularly sensitive, that's all the more reason to incorporate some UVA/UVB protection into your routine.

Thank you MMUK MAN