I'm looking for some products to help hide the blotchiness in my face and also my scar on my forehead that I'm very insecure about and struggle to hide. I have quite dry and sensitive skin in general and normally wear foundation, but feel like it can often look slightly dull and doesn't 100% match my skin tone. I like to go as natural as possible, but would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction!

Hello there,

First of all, thank you very much for getting in touch and sending in your photo. I want to let you know that blotchy skin is something that we’ve helped men cover up for over ten years and it’s one of the most common skin complaints that men contact us for advice on.

It’s great that you’ve sent in a recent photo, as I’m able to colour match this to N5 on our skin tone palette. If for any reason the colour doesn’t match once you try your products, you can always return them for an exchange with no fuss or catches whatsoever.

Blotchy skin and skin sensitivity often go hand in hand, so it’s not surprising that you’re struggling with this side effect of your particular skin type. Thankfully, I’m confident that we can help with a hand-picked selection of products from our range.

First of all, I’d recommend switching your daily moisturiser to our Anti-Redness Restore Moisturiser. This has been built specifically for sensitive skin and will help keep it at bay and restore your skin’s natural redness barrier, whether you wear makeup products on a daily basis or not. I’ve always received very good feedback on this product and I’m hopeful that it will go a long way towards subtly restoring your confidence.

The best foundation to use to cover blotchy skin and improve its tone and texture is our Mineral Pressed Foundation, a matte foundation for men that’s enriched with skin-calming minerals to give you the coverage you need to even your complexion, without causing further damage beneath the surface and potentially aggravating your sensitive skin.

Cover Blotchy SkinAfter you’ve applied the foundation, use our Concealer Trio to hide any marks or blemishes that are still slightly visible across your complexion. This will correct any blemishes very easily, including the scar on your head that you referenced in your message. Just like the foundation, our concealer looks very natural when worn and the two products will combine very nicely to create a subtle and striking blanket of coverage across your entire face.

To finish, a dusting of Translucent Pressed Powder over your t-zone in particular will be enough to lock in your products and ensure they remain subtle all day long. Aside from unifying your skin tone further and leaving your skin shine free, this finishing powder will also add protection in case you’re caught out in the rain or sweat excessively, for example at the gym.

The best products to apply these products would be with a Kabuki Brush and Blending Brush.

I really hope that my suggestions prove useful and combine to create an effective makeup for men routine for you. If you ever need any further support or advice on other products, I’m only ever an e-mail away.

Thank you and best wishes.