Enjoying the sunshine lads? Lips are today’s topic and I want to know how many of you reading, actually use a lip balm in your day-to-day? Chances are there should be a few. I want to challenge you all to start using one, because its often the case that your lips are forgotten when applying the rest of your skincare regime. Dry lips can be mighty sore if left alone. Overtime they can become further chapped as they continue to dehydrate, this causes splitting of the thin skin. Which sounds a bit pathetic because its such a small area of the body. But trust me, it stings and is uncomfortable each time you must move your lips. Life can become more enjoyable knowing you have got that protection on your lips sorted.

What Is Lip Balm?

As the name suggests it is a balm formulated for the skin on the lips. (A self-explanatory product really!) If you’re new to the subject and have been avoiding them because they are ‘too feminine’, then keep on reading mate as this article is more for you! Now lip balms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Essentially, they are pocket sized as to make them more travel accessible and convenient. You’ll also find them scented in a variety of different flavours. (e.g. minty, fruity, nutty) Whether they are rolled on, twist-tube styled, squeezed or applied from small tin, they all work in the same matter to protect the thin skin on your lips.
Against the rest of the face the skin on the lips is incredibly thinner. Without getting too technical your skin has its top layer called the ‘stratum corneum’. This is the layer we can all see through our eyes. Unfortunately, the stratum corneum on the lips isn’t as thick which is why it is redder in colour. This is because your blood is closer to the surface, it is less dense in skin cell matter. The lips do also lack the sebaceous gland too, which is why we are here talking all things lip balm related. They have no natural moisture protection the same way our skin does from its oils.
(Did you know that distinguishing separation from the outline of your lips to the rest of your skin is called the ‘vermillion border’. Just a fun fact for you all, are you keeping up?)

Why MMUK MAN’S Lip Balm for Men Is Useful? Take it from someone who has a wide collection of lip balms. I have them everywhere: in my jeans, my coats, various drawers, one in the fridge (not even joking here!), my boyfriend’s car and at work too. They are brilliant to have because I am always licking my lips and reaching for one when I can feel them getting dehydrated. It is something I never not have around me.
MMUK MAN’s formula however takes the standard approach to protection to another level. It goes deeper into the skin and this is something that other companies haven’t yet achieved with their own lines. Their formulas are good, but not great and I do find myself having to reapply more throughout the day. MMUK MAN’s has challenged this with their premium line. They have taken it further for longer lip-nourishment with a balm that you should be serious about getting.

They have created a product that is both masculine, contemporary in design and specially formulated for better results.
- Its sleeker design allows it to slip into your pockets easier.
- Compact and with their minimal branding keeps it looking great on your shelf too. - 1-2 applications per day
– due to its patented formula. - Quick absorbing into the skin. - Penetrates deeper down into the 3 layers of your skin. Unlike rivalled and cheaper balms.
- Targets the cells directly to boost natural resistance and bolster defences.
- Locks in moisture to the skin competitively for longer periods of time. I’m talking massive hydration!
- Tackles the driest of skin on the lips. A real 180 degrees, leaving them soothed as skin healing is encouraged.
- A masculine finish that is free from stickiness, gloss and shimmers. - Rejuvenating formula containing nourishing and specially collected ingredients.
- High quality allows for the product to stretch further. Giving you more for your money in the long run. A better cost-effective choice against cheaper balms on the market.
- Seconds to apply and seconds for the formula to initiate itself on your skin. Working instantaneously.
- With continued application day after day, your lips will have better resilience and supportive structure to keep them feeling their best always. - A clear solution leaves no colour or tint on the skins surface.
- Formulated for the men who prefer a natural look to their lips.
- Restorative, nourishing, conditioning and protective.
- Light extracts of Mint give it a refreshing and cooling sensation.

Review with Tommy:

Since I am a huge lover of lip balms (gotta keep my lips looking peachy you know), I found this balm itself was one of the best on the market. I understand the initial price may deter some guys reading this. Think of it as an investment piece because it differs greatly to those cheaper options you may be thinking of purchasing. I know how easy it is to opt for the rivalled product that takes less of a toll on the bank.
I challenged this product by MMUK MAN over a two-week course and found I applied a lot less often than I have done with my cheaper priced lip balms. I have mentioned above that I lick my lips often and that leads them to being dryer a lot of the time. You can really tell the difference once the formulas are applied to the skin. My cheaper balms almost ‘sat’ on the surface of my skin and once I’ve realised, I’ve licked it off, I had to reapply. Their formulas were taking longer to penetrate and after each reapplication, my lips never felt any different to when I had initially applied the balm the first time around.
With MMUK MAN’s balm I felt the difference because it got to work so quickly. It was pure luxury against my skin and left me confident to head out to work each day without an extra balm in hand. I had to re-apply at most 2 times with some days, but overall, it wasn’t as necessary. The formula sunk in and indeed left my lips looking as natural as they could. The lip balm worked well with my facial SPF which I apply daily too. Unfortunately, this formula doesn’t contain added broad-spectrum protection. I had no quarrels with it layered against my other skincare products. This is also my choice of lip balm for when I sleep too. I’ve found throughout the night when I’m not moving my lips, it gives me a complete refresh come morning. Throwing back to what I wrote above about the stratum corneum, your lips can be ultra-sensitive if not protected. You’ll probably all have experienced that stinging pain that comes from when you have torn some of the skin off your lip. Not fun!
I do agree it is an investment piece, but if you’re serious and after a product that gives more back to you, why wouldn’t you want something this easy. Focus you hard earned cash guys into a brand that talks real talk and makes good at what they promise to do for you. MMUK MAN delivers it and you’ll find it’s the top at its game because of the science behind its products.