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  1. MMUK MAN – Lip Balm for Men

    MMUK MAN – Lip Balm for Men
    Enjoying the sunshine lads? Lips are today’s topic and I want to know how many of you reading, actually use a lip balm in your day-to-day? Chances are there should be a few. I want to challenge you all to start using one, because its often the case that your lips are forgotten when applying the rest of your skincare...
  2. Tackle the cold weather with a men’s lip balm

    Gentlemen, it should come as no surprise to you that the cold weather is now well and truly kicking in.  Whilst summer goodness now seems like a distant memory for your skin, there's also another area of your skin that will be starting to feel the pressure, namely your lips.  Chapped, sore, uncomfortable and irritated, to name just a few features...

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