Gentlemen, it should come as no surprise to you that the cold weather is now well and truly kicking in.  Whilst summer goodness now seems like a distant memory for your skin, there's also another area of your skin that will be starting to feel the pressure, namely your lips.  Chapped, sore, uncomfortable and irritated, to name just a few features your lips may be experiencing as soon as the doom and gloom of October thoroughly sinks in.  In today's male cosmetics blog, we're going to show you how you can tackle the problems faced by your lips with just a quick easy cure.  Turn dry cracked and damaged lips, into super smooth and seductive features with the makeup for men excellence of MMUK MAN.

Most guys believe that your lips are more than capable of looking after themselves.  However, in reality they form a very delicate part of your face and at this time of year more than ever, need to be treated like the number one thing in your life, otherwise it could be plain and simply curtains.  By applying just a plain and simple lip balm for men twice per day, you can quickly reverse the visible look of damaged lips.  Further still, improve their overall feel with an expert balm specifically designed for men.

Whilst the nights drawer in and the temperature plummet, don't let your lips pay the fine.  Whether it's a snug night in with the missus or a trip down the shops, make sure you're well and truly covered!  Some balms even come with a natural shimmer or glaze to make your lips look more desirable and healthy, whilst others also have menta flavouring for added firmness, freshness and all day long protection.

Prolonged exposure to the elements can lead to a whole host of before mentioned problems, not least, the frowns that may accompany damaged and unattractive chops from onlookers.  Whilst it's your duty to take care of yourself and having features of success in every department, in reality, men naturally neglect such an area.  Take control with just a quick and simple application of a lip balm and you too can be laughing until the cows come home!

Also, it is important to note of some foods and drinks that can affect the balance and hydration of men's lips.  Over consumption of alcohol can lead to dry lips, similar to what you would find after a night on the lash.  Spicy food can also lead to dry lips, so, now more than ever it's vital to get it just right.

Remember to be aware of other ecological factors too.  Heavy wind, rain and even snow, associated with winter will all cause your grooming gremlins to be waiting in the shadows.  Be sure to avoid sun beds without being protected in this area, as they can also lead to dry and damaged choppers.

Most men's lip balms range between £6.00 and £14.00 depending on the quality and quantity.  MMUK MAN's comes with an easy application wand, all day protection capability and a refreshing taste to make sure you keep your alpha male status firmly in task.

As Christmas is approaching, ensure you're not left out in the cold and pick up one of the many high performance lip balms for men currently on the market!