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  1. MMUK MAN – Lip Balm for Men

    MMUK MAN – Lip Balm for Men
    Enjoying the sunshine lads? Lips are today’s topic and I want to know how many of you reading, actually use a lip balm in your day-to-day? Chances are there should be a few. I want to challenge you all to start using one, because its often the case that your lips are forgotten when applying the rest of your skincare...
  2. How To Apply Makeup For Men.

    Here at Mens Makeup UK we’ve searched high and low for a full comprehensive mens cosmetic and beauty routine on exactly how to apply makeup for men.   It’s simply not out there gentlemen!   We called in two of our expert mens makeup artists to see if they can give us a little helping hand, shed some light into what makeup best...

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