Types of men’s makeup

Men's makeup really comes in the form of three categories.  Firstly, there's the cover up range.  Very popular amongst younger gentlemen and those with redness conditions, concealer, foundation and BB creams really head up this category and are becoming so so popular.  


The second category comes in the form of bronzing products.  Bronzing lotions, powders and tinted moisturisers are the three types of product in this category and are chosen by men throughout the winter months especially to add a bit of healthy colour to their skin.  Men with uneven skin tone, pale skin and rough areas are most likely to buy bronzing products and providing application is mastered, it really does look great.  Such products are preferred to fake tan products because they can be quickly washed off.  


The final category comes in the way of men's eye makeup products.  Designed for the guy who wants to stand out or simply add a bit of depth to his eyes.  Whether it's mascara for men, guyliner or even eye brow gel to manage unruly brows, there's plenty of options in this male makeup category.


Popular Men’s Makeup Products

Concealer for men leads the way for sure!  MMUK MAN's Concealer Trio tackles blemishes and Calvin Klein's Under Eye concealer is particularly good at fighting eye bags, puffiness and fatigue.  Brow gel is also very very popular at the moment, especially MMUK MAN's clear version, as it's incredibly subtle.  Apart from that guys, BRTC's BB cream is hugely popular as it really does offer all in one skincare approach, perfect for the busy man on the go.  Finally, MMUK MAN's Foundation for men is very much on the rise and it’s a formula specifically designed for men, doesn’t end up looking cakey or feminine when worn.


The key benefits to men’s cosmetics.

The key benefits to SUBTLE makeup for men, as no man wants to look like a drag queen, are the ability to cover up common imperfections, even skin tone and disguise skin irritation.  Other key benefits include, controlling unruly brows, giving your eyes an eye catching look and tackling pale and fatigued skin.  When done right, makeup for men can be a huge success.  It's always good to practice a couple of times to get application just right if you are a new starter and you can truly reap the rewards in the long run.