It’s been an up and down ride for MMUK MAN since our formation in 2011. However, with recent media reports surfacing showcasing our current success, we feel it’s our duty to say a special thank you to the guys who have taken this incredible journey with us.

As co-founder, creator and general work horse, I’d like to personally thank each and every one of our clients for helping us build such a reputable, ethically sound and amazing organization. My makeup fairytale started at just 17, when my mum used to put foundation and concealer on my face to hide my horrendous acne. Little did I know that ten years later, I’d have a makeup for men following of over 30,000 customers, who I feel devoted to, in helping them transform their lives, look and confidence.

Through the grueling years of trying to maximise the brands exposure and reach a target market, that I knew just had to be there and through the happiness of some utterly compelling skin success stories, I’ve always had a simple thought at the forefront of my mind.

If every guy out there with troubled skin and low self esteem knew about a few simple products, that were in no way feminine and how they could completely transform you, what kind of legacy could I create?

It fills me with great pleasure to finally see the spotlight on men’s makeup in all the right ways and furthermore, to see the breaking down of social barriers towards men looking after themselves properly. I truly hope that this is just the beginning and through our journey MMUK MAN will remain the honest, loyal and family orientated business it has been to this date.

We sometimes get it wrong. Whether it’s an incorrect parcel being shipped, a late delivery or a product that isn’t quite up to scratch. But, I can assure each and every one of you that we work tirelessly to iron out these wrinkles, just like our foundation and concealers.

There have been several reports claiming that MMUK MAN could be sold to a bigger cosmetic house for vast sums of money. However, with the danger in this being the loss of that personal touch we feel with our customers and in our level of service, I can assure you that such reports will not prove to be accurate.

We are simply at the beginning of our journey and we will go through this together as one. For now, may I wish you the best of luck in your products and purchases and my carefully assembled team of staff remain at your service, whenever you need them.