MMUK MAN seem to be continually asked ‘What is the difference between mens BB cream and tinted moisturisers for men?  Both have experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the makeup for men chain in recent years, but it seems identifying the differences between the two, seems to leave a lot of men in a right old cosmetic conundrum.  

That’s where the professionals step in!  Allow MMUK MAN to dissect, distinguish and demonstrate the main differentials between these growingly popular male makeup products, helping to put your mind at ease and perhaps to point you in the right direction as to which one to buy.

Blemish Balms for men (or BB for short) originated in Germany and were typically used on patients by dermatologists after skin surgery and laser treatments.  Their high performance soothing, healing and regeneration properties are very much their main feature, albeit causing them to reside on the pricey side, especially for men.

It was not long before their huge array of benefits were relayed across Asia and western society, with men all over clutching for one of these male cosmetic products, and slipping them into their regular grooming routines.

Male BB creams typically contain a combination of mens makeup base (or primer), spf capabilities and anti-aging properties.  Described perfectly as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of male skin care, such a product is very much your all round, all in one cosmetic for men product.

Being able to replace a foundation for men in your makeup routine,  BB creams offer long lasting medium coverage to cover up a wide array of mild facial imperfections.

Boasting the healing properties behind the scenes to rejuvenate and repair your skin in the long term, male blemish balms really do assist in the complete removal of skin problems, such as acne, spots and blemishes.

Male skin problems which can be tackled with the daily use of a BB cream include:





Fine Lines


Damaged Pigments

Sore Skin

Damaged Skin

Fatigued Skin

Dull Skin

Normally arriving in one universal tone and very much suited to all skin types, these thicker textured, yet lightweight formulas more than deserve their place amongst MMUK MAN’s elite makeup for men products.  Sometimes described as correctors, BB creams for men can also offer anti-oxidant elements for ultimate skin protection and brightening (sometimes called lightening) factors to nullify fatigued and dull looking men’s skin.

Now for BB Creams’ opposite number.  Often cheaper, extremely lightweight and subtle, male tinted moisturisers come in as a fast action cover up cosmetic for men heavyweight.  Typically arriving in three to five different shades along with great blending ability, men’s tinted moisturisers offer all day long hydration and nourishment to your skin, as well as also covering up a wide range of skin problems.

Male facial imperfections which can be treated and covered up with tinted moisturisers include:

Dry Skin

Un-even Skin Surfaces

Rough Skin

Red Skin

Un-even Skin Tone

Mild Facial Blemishes




Fine Lines

Under Eye Circles

Frown Lines

Fine Wrinkles

Pale Skin

Providing vital cover to the skin and generating a more youthful complexion, male tinted moisturisers are often preferred by maturer skinned men who want to prolong their youthful look, whilst equipping themselves with very subtle makeup for men.

By covering up the likes of dark circles, frown lines and mild wrinkles, such a range of products provide your face with vital colour, perfect for winter use.  This colour evens skin tone and prevents pale and unhealthy looking skin in an instant.

The quick and fasting acting elements of tinted moisturisers matched with the long lasting agility and stamina of BB cream use make this war on the makeup for men battlefield a very intriguing one.