When it comes to eye makeup for men, i’m far from a pro. In fact, until recently, I’d never even touched the stuff. I’m all for a little foundation, concealer, or under eye cream every now and then, if I feel my face needs it. But, manscara or eyeliner? It just seemed a little bit too daunting.

that was until I had the chance to review Calvin Klein’s Men’s Mascara recently available at British makeup for men shop MMUK. In my mind, if I really wanted to be a complete men’s makeup connoisseur, I’d have to conquer all that lay before me one day, so with a short moments pause, I decided to give it a go.

My first impressions after receiving this mascara was that it was nicely packaged, with a very subtle look to it. The casing looks no different from an eye or concealer stick and its plain packaged delivery envelope is sure to get a few hits with the more discreet male cosmetic user.

After application of the Brown Lustre version, I noticed my eyes instantly transform in front of me. they looked more seductive, bigger and fuller, whilst the lashes themselves looked thicker and longer, without looking too obvious or un-masculine. I’m a straight guy and the thing I’m generally most worried about is giving my male beauty secrets away to women and with this CK product, I’m happy to confirm that discretion is left thoroughly intact.

The mascara for men itself is very easy to apply and starting at the root of your lash and working out, the very smooth applicator brush delivers just enough product to the area of focus. After an immediate and all day transformation, it’s very easy to wash this mascara off in the shower, or if you prefer, by using a men’s eye make-up remover.

All round an absolute game changing product to add to my male makeup collection and better still, I’ve used this for nearly a month and there’s hardly been any used up in the tube. With longevity and premium ingredients built into its professional formula, Calvin Klein have struck all the right notes for me when it comes to improving my appearance.