Handsome ManThe rise of concealer for men hasn’t gone unnoticed in the world of male grooming as men all over the UK search for the perfect products to leave them looking sublime.  What started off with a good shaving set and face cream, has quickly evolved into the ultimate men’s makeup powerhouse in the form of concealer.


But, what makes men’s concealer so popular?  It’s certainly not the abundance of strange looks you’d get off the guys if you happened to mention you wear it during the game.  Nor is it the comfortable and confident feeling any man would feel upon popping into his local drugstore to buy it over the counter.


The truth is, it all comes down to three very simple, very real and hugely beneficial reasons.  Reasons which make concealer for men a menace to facial intruders and deflated ego’s.  


Firstly, the enhanced complexion you achieve with male concealer, not only gives you the confidence to tackle anything, but it’s certainly not going out on a limb gents to say that it makes men feel happier and more content with themselves.  Why live with annoying blemishes or a bulging spot if you simply don’t have to?


Secondly, and perhaps the biggest motive to get trigger happy on makeup for men, is to attract more women.  Although, in a perfect world, personality resides over looks, in order to get that initial intent and intrigue from members of the opposite sex, men simply have to be looking their best.  Why spend a fortune on designer jeans, jackets and aftershave, if you’re showcasing mount Vesuvius on the very tip of your nose? - It’s an equation that will never add up, so make sure you complete the set!


Concealer For MenAnd finally - Prospects!  Feeling more confident with daily men’s concealer use, leads men to exactly where they want to go in their professional career.  No one takes orders from the office grad, who looks as though he’s still living the uni hangover two or three years on.  People sit up and take notice of a man who can take care of himself.  After all, if he can’t, then what’s he going to be able to do in business?


In today’s concealer for men blog, Makeup For Men UK's team of experts have highlighted five key imperfections, typically encountered by Britain’s average man, and pave the way in making them nothing but a distant memory.


RSVP elsewhere unwanted grooming guests, because it’s time to turn up the volume on your men’s makeup and skin care regimes.


Spots and Acne - A simple dab of concealer for men directly onto spots and acne areas will really work wonders.  Be sure to blend it in right with your fingertip or blending brush and be sure to go lightly and get the shade just right.


Redness - Redness can be a real problem to cover up.  If it resides across large planes of your face, it may be worthing checking out a foundation for men, but men’s concealers can be applied to your cheekbone and nose to really break up the redness, which often interrupts the great look of such areas.


Marks - We all get marks from time to time guys.  Blemishes, sores or dehydrated skin can often lead to them.  With the back up power of men’s cover up, blended in well, it’s a quick goodbye for those little pests.


Razor Cuts - Whether you’re a regular shaver or new to the game, there’s a high chance you may get razor nicks and cuts from time to time.  Cut it out with camouflage and its serious firepower in neutralizing red, swollen and sore cuts around your beard.  Remember to take extra care when blending concealer for men into your beard and you’ll be onto a real winner.


Fine Lines - Age used to be something you couldn’t cheat.  We know by now, if you are a man of this ilk, you’ve probably tried every cream and serum under the sun to fend off your fatigued and fine lined skin.  Before long, you’re sure to realize that instead of stressing about it, simply employ a concealer as your ultimate fine line assassin.