Choosing a concealer for men can seem like a real struggle.  For most of us guys starting out into the world of cosmetics, finding the right product alone can seem like a big enough challenge, without risking money and time by getting the shade completely wrong.  The one thing that men can and regularly do lean back on is the expert blending ability of male concealers, especially of our own MMUK MAN versions, along with Recipe For Men’s and  Calvin Klein’s great range.


In today’s male makeup blog, we’ll be running the rule on five handy tips designed to help men choose the perfect colour of concealer to truly match their skin.  Whilst the common cosmetic rule stipulates that you can go one or two shades lighter or darker than your current skin tone, sometimes getting in the right ball park can be difficult enough.


The first and most common way men discover the right shade of concealer is by sending us in a recent photograph of themselves.  We have on board, a wealth of makeup knowledge and our own Chief men’s makeup artists Adam, who will be able to quickly and easily identify your skin tone and recommend the perfect shade of concealer..


Next up, ask a women in your life what they think the most appropriate shade should be.  If you’re not embarrassed about mentioning the fact that you’re considering wearing concealer for men to you partner, sister or even mum, then you can lean upon their great wealth of makeup to help you pick the perfect product and tone.


Thirdly gentlemen, and again, this depends entirely on your comfort around the topic in hand, you could even go into your local drugstore or to someone behind a counter in a beauty department store.  Most specialise in women’s makeup and will be able to advise what colour your are in female brands.  From here, a quick e-mail to MMUK MAN and we can match that colour to a men’s concealer in our range and it will be all systems go for your brand new look.


Penultimately, check out your skin tone in natural light.  Trying to match your skin in to our online men’s makeup colour palette can be difficult if you are not well versed in the subject.  Therefore, mistakes can easily be made.  Men’s skin often looks off-colour or orangey under artificial light, so check it out by a window before referring back to our colour palette.


Finally, the general rule is that very pale and fairer skinned gentlemen always reside around the colours N3 or N4, whilst average British white males are known to be N5 on our colour palette.  For gentlemen who have olive undertones in their skin, you sirs will be N7, whilst a suntanned look would reside at N8.  N9 usually matches Asian gentlemen’s skin with N95 being very common amongst Indian Gentlemen as it has Orange pigments.  N10 and N14 are designed for Black and African gents, making up the entire spectrum of men’s makeup colours.


But remember, if you are at all unsure of what concealer colour or shade to choose, the team here at MMUK MAN are only a phone call or e-mail away.  Until the next time, we hope this blog was useful and wish you all the best in finding the perfect concealer for you.