The number of men who contact Makeup For Men UK, asking for advice on the shade and/or colour of mens makeup to suit them best is quite staggering.  After all, for a relatively new concept in the world of mens grooming, there is certainly no shame in needing a little help in hand from the experts every now and then.

MMUK MAN strive to give you as much valuable information as possible when it comes to all of our male makeup products, however, when it comes to getting your shade just right, some guys often feel a little bit left in the dark. 

Thankfully grooming gents, with our team of trained mens makeup experts and our willingness to go the extra mile in order to help you achieve your complexion goals.  Here at MMUK MAN we have created a guide specifically for gentlemen out there whom may otherwise falter at this early stage of their male cosmetics career.

There are three unique and very useful ways to achieve a great colour match to your skin from a variety of mens makeup products, including foundation, concealer and bronzer for men.  From the plain and simple, to the methods which may take a a few moments of your time:  The truth is fellas, whichever option you decide to choose, the team here at MMUK MAN are more than confident that you will acquire the right tone to help you achieve a completely natural makeup for men finish, securing your alpha male status.

The first method we suggest is to use the back of your hand and try to match your skin colour with one of the twelve tone options found on our colour palette.  As your hands and face typically are exposed to the same amount of sunlight on a daily basis, this part of your body ultimately is the most accurate reflection of your current facial skin tone,  The speed and complete ease of this method makes it highly popular with our makeup for men fellowship. 

Alternatively, for guys who are not quite sure of which mens makeup tone to choose, there is always the possibility of asking someone close who may be able to point you in the right direction.  Wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters are typically more used to choosing the correct shade of makeup and may be able to offer you a little point in the right direction in your bid to become a modern 21st century man and to truly master your complexion. 

One important thing to remember gentlemen is that MMUK MAN are never more than a quick e-mail, contact form or phone call away.  Our two mens makeup artists; Alex and Adam are very skilled in the process of choosing the right makeup colours, which leads us onto the third option you have in selecting the correct male makeup shade for you. 

Some gentlemen often send in photographs of themselves to either Adam or Alex, which allows us to have a detailed look at not only the products that may best suit them, but what colour of makeup we would recommend for their skin.  Either Adam or Alex, our Chief Mens Makeup Artists promise to respond to your colour request within 8 hours.  So, by simply attaching a social media profile picture, or the latest photograph of yourself you have, a full, detailed consultation will land free of charge into your inbox in no time at all.

Now how easy is that!

The good news is gents that once you have mastered which method of colour selection suits you, you are well and truly on a one way road to cosmetic success.  To achieve a completely natural look, extreme subtlety and to avoid that crippling ‘cakey’ look, learn your future makeup strategy now with the help and advice of Britain’s number one makeup for men retailer. 

Should you have any colour requests please send your photographs to Alex Bane  - Chief Mens Makeup Artist at: