When it comes to finding the right guyliner, there's a few things that you should consider.  Firstly, the look that you're trying to achieve.  Whether it's the rock star look, or subtle definition for a meeting or at work, if you have the right image in your head, you're off to a great start.

Secondly, how long you want it to last for.  Some formulas are suited for all day wear, perfect for city gentlemen.  Alternatives, on the other hand, are suited for a few hours of prime time performance, before a reapplication is needed.


Thirdly, and rather importantly, how much you are willing to spend.  Guyliner ranges from just a few pound to upwards of twenty.  Many cheaper options offer short term enhancement, but unfortunately don't tend to look as natural as more premium products.  Most guys tend to air on the side of caution and choose a mid-priced eyeliner, especially for their first time.


Finally gentleman, when choosing the right eyeliner for men, its colour is of most importance.  Whilst most are black, there are a select few brown liners out there that are ideally suited for the more subtle makeup for men advocate.


Knocking at the door of Taxi Man's Guyliner first and this product comes in a black format, at a reasonably priced £9.00.  It is certainly not for the faint hearted and is ideal for men looking for that stand out performance in their eyes.  For a gig or show, Taxi Man have captured every aspect of Guyliner and delivered a really enhancing product.


Next, MMUK MAN's Waterproof Eyeliner For Men, comes in a little more expensive.  However, for lovers are more subtle definition, it is definitely the way to go.  Coming in a choice of natural shades, this liner creates a nice thin and enhancing line, which can be built upon however much you like.  A pencil liner as appose to a pen, you get a lot more control and ease in application, a great starting point to men starting out in the world of makeup.


Finally, L'Oreal's eye pencil offers a really lovely textured glaze and does a remarkable job at framing your eyes.  Perfect for natural captivation, L'Oreal Men have treated us to yet another high impact product with this one, with its popularity rising by the year.  This product is very popular for workers in front of the camera.  Models, actors and even stage performers often turn to this choice of guyliner to cap off their complexion with an almighty bang.


Remember gentlemen, there no longer be any  stress or worry in getting your hands on a good guyliner.  Follow MMUK MAN's expert application guide and you can truly make any look work well for you.