In recent years the sudden uprise in the popularity of makeup for men is perhaps measured best with the increased number of concealer for men products available on the male cosmetic market.  However, here at Makeup For Men UK and in today’s blog we will attempt to guide you through the potential minefield of mens makeup concealers, in order to help you understand which one is just right for you.

From highlighter pen male concealers to concealer sticks and everything in between; fellas, allow the experts to shed some light on how you, as a modern day man, can achieve that much published camera clear professional complexion. 

First things first:  Let us distinguish between the master disguises in order to extinguish any lingering concerns about the type of concealer which the right one for you.  Over the years, hundreds of gents have contacted Makeup For Men UK’s friendly team to seek advice about covering a wide range of imperfections.  We can honestly say that along with foundations, tinted moisturisers for men and BB creams, concealers for men are one of the most popular ranges of makeup for men products to deal with our clients skin concerns. 

Right, let’s get down to it:  A male highlighter pen concealer is designed for optimal use around the eye contours.  In man language, your eye bags.  With the use of an expert highlighter pen you can banish dark circles, lifeless eyes and wrinkles around this region to the background.  A highlighter pen, by definition, highlights the troubled area to bring them up to speed with the rest of your skin’s tone and subsequently removing the appearance of dark circles.

How do they do this?, you may wonder.  Most highlighter pens contain a baseline pigment enhancer to temporarily restructure the chemical formulation of the skins main pigment melanin; ultimately nullifying dark circles.  Our top three highlighter pens as voted for by our worshiped modern day makeup men and Men’s Health magazine readers are: Calvin Klein’s Mens Concealer, Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Highlighter and Leichner’s Men’s concealer.  All of which can be found in our concealer for men section.

In the same section of our makeup for men online store you will stumble across a second type of concealer for men.  Such male concealers are denoted as concealer sticks for men thanks to their thicker texture.  Such a concealer, strips skin imperfections of their saw, jaded and rough surfaces and in turn promotes a more complete complexion with larger skin imperfections banished behind the scenes.  Such a camouflaging technique expertly combines perfect cover up with a subtle appearance, blending perfectly with your skin tone.

Transform anonymity to animosity with the help of this type of concealer stick for men from Makeup For Men UK.  Today’s recommendation comes in the form of by far our most popular male concealer;  STILA Experts Designer Concealer Stick For Men.  Say goodbye to moderate levels of a wide variety of skin imperfections with a cover up concealer for men built with your skin needs in mind.

The third and final male concealer uses ‘plumping’...yes we said ‘plumping’.  We’ve searched the whole dictionary and simply cannot find a masculine alternative.  Such ‘plumping’ technology is apparent in Mens Creme Concealers.  This type of cream concealer specialises in covering up imperfections such as spots, redness and roughness, similar to concealer sticks for men.  However, as a backstage feature, such cream concealers for men also serve to heal and remove the imperfection quicker with a moisture based nourishing formula designed to tackle troublesome imperfections head on.

So there you have it gentlemen!  Don’t be blinded by the fancy swanky sales pitches.  Get it right, get it once and be ready for the beach, night out on the town or to entertain that sexy lady with an intimately natural masculine complexion.  All that remains is to ask yourself the question: Are you ready to take it like a man?....A makeup man.