Concealer for men are words on the lips of most male beauticians at the moment, as well as making its way into more and more of mens shopping carts in varying forms all over the UK.  But, with the various different types of male concealer available, which one is right for you?

In today’s makeup for men head to head we will be looking at the two most popular forms of mens cover up and analyzing their different strengths, in a bid to give you some much needed clarity when it comes to hiding those niggling skin issues.

Which one will come out on top and win the MMUK MAN award of ‘Best Concealer For Men of 3013?’

To begin with, let us identify the two forms of concealer for men we will be looking at and identify which category of cover up they fall within.

First up are concealer sticks for men (sometimes called cover-up sticks).  These often come in a casing which resembles lip stick from the exterior and include a twist up mechanism, designed for effective and contemporary use.  Focusing entirely on concealing non age related male skin imperfections such as blemishes, marks and spots, this form of concealer ranks highly amongst gentlemen looking for the smoothest of finishes.

As for today’s opponents:  Concealer pots for men are quite literally what they say on the tin.  The same versatile cover up encased in a pot with a twist off lid.  Popular amongst younger men whom do not wish for their male cosmetics to resemble feminine products (such as lipstick), this form of concealer offers flexibility beyond any other.  When it comes to choosing a good concealer pot for men, MMUK MAN have an excellent range to help you on your way.

Before highlighting the best individual product these categories have to offer, allow us to draw up a list of each forms’ benefits.

Concealer Stick For Men:


These allow you to focus on specific imperfections on your face with a thicker layer of cover up.

Concealer Sticks tackle more defined facial imperfections such as acne and visible moles quicker and more effectively

Less product is lost on your fingertips or on brushes than other forms of concealer for men.

The stick form that male concealers come in allow for more accurate and steady application.

Their twist up mechanism is perfect for men on the move in need of a little touch up throughout the day (quality dependent of course).

Concealer Pots For Men


Apply varying amounts across your face for general facial imperfections which may arise.

Most concealer pots for men dry as a powder for a no-glowing anti-shine look.

Apply with your fingertips for optimal blending and accurate application

This form of male concealer is often perceived as more discreet than concealer sticks.

It is often easier to choose the right tone in concealer pots for men as you can easily see the formula in hand.

Acquire just the right amount of mens cover up and apply easier, different amounts for less or more defined facial imperfections.

Use with a blending brush for that extra professional touch.

Target age related imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and crow feet.

The Winner!

After much deliberation and consultation from makeup for men artists and wearers alike, MMUK MAN have decided that the best concealer for men for the third year running still comes in the form of a cover stick.  Offering more colours by a lot more brands, it seems as though the versatility and comfort men experience when using such a type of product fuels the flames for concealer sticks continuing success. 

In terms of frontrunners, there still remains a front row lock out with MMUK MAN’s concealer stick for men closely proceeded by Stila Men Experts highly popular version.

On a final note fellas, one thing is worth mentioning:  If you are in search of highly effective cover up, these two types of products will willingly oblige in giving you exactly what you need.