When you’re feeling stressed, tired and run down, it’s fair to say that your skin often takes the brunt end of it all.  It’s no surprise that your skin is a mirrored reflection of your current state of health, vitamin intake and past and present lifestyle choices.  Of course, your skin does have a natural barrier against these factors, but it can only stay in check for so long before it all gets a little too much.

Unfortunately gents, the first things to bolt are often your eyes.  Bulging bags, crow feet and deep dark circles, to name but a few symptoms your eyes inevitably start to show, if your body is placed under continuous pressure from some of these factors, as well as the below.

Lack of sleep

Pressure at work


Poor Diet

Excessive Alcohol

Salty Food


But what if you could adopt a skin care and makeup for men regime to reinforce their defence and say ‘checkmate’ to your grooming gremlins?

MMUK MAN have utilized our years of experience in the male makeup industry to derive a quick and simple two step regiment for your eye contours.  This process, which any man can follow, allows you to bypass the detrimental affects of the above and reveal fresh, revitalized and energized eyes every day of the week.

Meaning, if you’ve had a heavy night out on the town, spent the evening reminiscing or watching your favourite tearjerker - Please Note: this is unmanly behaviour and admittance of this at our makeup for men checkout will result in your order being cancelled -  or you are generally just run down, there is now a clear and decisive plan of action you too can take.

Your first step guys is to equip yourself with a high performance under eye gel.  As your first and only line of defence against the break out of such imperfections and the minimizing of them, these gels use an innovative delivery system to your contours, which are seven times thinner than the skin on your face.  Most contain caffeine, active minerals and vitamins to instantly reverse fatigue. 

A good quality mens eye gel will firm and tone your under eye skin, whilst improving its elasticity.  By simultaneously smoothing and soothing this skin, eye gels for men are your perfect first step towards removing puffiness and creating a more youthful look. 

See Mens Makeup Uk’s list of recommended eye gel treatments below. 

Your second and final saving grace is very much your mens cosmetics get out of jail free card, namely a mens brightening concealer.

Concealer for men usually comes in two formats:  A thicker based product for facial imperfections and a lightening based products, specifically designed for the eyes. 

After allowing your eye gel to set for a couple of minutes, equip yourself with one of these expert male concealers.  Usually constructed in the form of a pen, this product can be easily pumped and pressed directly onto your eye contours.

Using your fingertip, gently rub the concealer into your under eyes and allow its light reflecting components to instantly get to work on concealing dark circles and the remnants of puffy eye bags.

Top up your game with two of the most sophisticated, yet essential makeup for men products and begin your journey to prolonged youth, enhanced confidence and never before seen renewed eyes.

By following the blow two-step strategy, you too can enjoy all the benefits male makeup has to offer, without it clawing away at your macho points.

Tips From The Expert:  Keep your eye gel in the refrigerator or as cold as possible.  The instant hit of coolness will target and shrink swollen capillaries and their binding tissue within the contour for immediate refreshment and an anti-puffiness effect.

MMUK MAN’s recommended eye gel’s include: 

Recipe For Mens Under Eye Gel (£18.00 @ MaleSkin)

L’Oreal Men Expert Anti-Fatigue Eye Roll on (£12.00 @ our online makeup for men store)

Billy Jealousy Eye Cream for Men (£34.00 @ MaleSkin)

When it comes to brightening concealers for men choose from:

Calvin Klein’s Men’s Concealer

or Yves Sait Laurent's Male Highlighting Concealer