In this week’s question and answer segment, we’ll be telling you guys how you can indeed cover facial redness and irritation in just a few simple steps. Unfortunately facial redness is mainly dictated by your genetics, however, here to still give you the relief you require are MMUK MAN. We are regularly contacted by gentlemen who suffer with facial redness every day, who have tried every product under the sun in order to get them the complexion they desire. Most see men’s makeup products as a last resort, but with our natural formulas, they can prove to be your best ever move in the men’s grooming stakes.

Covering redness always has to begin with our Skin Tone Balancer, a highly luxurious foundation primer that can be applied to your dry face after your morning cleaning routine. This product has a very moisturising base and protects your skin all day long, as well as allowing your foundation and other products to look subtle and discreet.

After allowing your primer to sink in for about thirty seconds, apply MMUK MAN’s Mineral Matte Foundation, a mineral makeup for men product that will not only provide your face with a natural blanket of coverage, but will work tirelessly all day to sooth your skin and provide the first coverage layer to even the harshest of facial redness. Apply using the included applicator in a gentle outward swiping motion, making sure you’re applying it evenly and into the hair line.

You’ll instantly notice a change and whilst the odd sun spot or defined patch of redness may still be slightly visible, your entire complexion will look revitalized.

Take control of any lingering areas of sun spots or redness with a gentle application of MMUK MAN’s concealer stick for men. In a simple dabbing motion, apply this luxurious concealer for men and blend in with a blending brush nice and gently.

You’re almost good to go! A lot of our existing clients choose to set their natural makeup without makeup look with an anti shine powder. MMUK MAN do a fantastic version of mineral anti shine powder, which can be applied with a mineral buffer brush, but 4VOO’s Shine Reduction Powder is just as natural and will work wonders in calming your redness.

Stay guarded against redness all day long with MMUK MAN and if there’s any more information you require from us, including finding your right skin tone, feel free to get in touch. A lot of gentlemen send us in recent photographs of themselves, from which we can study them and e-mail you back your correct colour on our colour palette. Send your photos to and we’ll do the rest.