Uncontrollable redness, embarrassing flare ups and small red spots and fine lines on the surface of your skin...sounding familiar?  If these conditions do, you’re quite possibly a man suffering from rosacea.  Before we get started on how you can take advantage of makeup for men in tackling rosacea, we would certainly recommend seeking the advice of your GP or a dermatologist.  There is medical help out there gentlemen, help which can retain your masculinity and give you that well deserved boost in confidence. 

However fellas, in today’s men’s makeup blog we will be flipping the usual script upside down and looking at fighting rosacea from a completely new angle, namely, with male makeup.  Of course, there are numerous ‘remedies’ which are commonly seen as helpful in relieving the symptoms of rosacea for men, however, this condition is still classified as incurable, hence the formulation of our latest makeup for men blog.  MMUK MAN are here to give you practical advice, hints and tips on how you can shine amongst the crowd, without the male cosmetic grapevine chewing you up and spitting you out with it’s share of over commercialised and under performing ‘must haves’.

Before we get started please take on board the below points, which might help you fight the condition outside the realms of men’s makeup.

  • It is a good idea to keep a food and drink diary in order for you to truly understand your own triggers and ultimately cut them out of your diet.
  • When you’re searching for male cosmetics and/or makeup for men, possible ingredients which may cause irritation are; alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, fragrance, salicylic acid and menthol.
  • Male cosmetics should be applied after the drying of any prescribed lotions or sunscreens.  
  • SPF15 is commonly regarded as the minimum level of protection needed to not cause further irritation of your skin in hot conditions.
  • Gently wash your face no more than twice per day, anything more can seriously hamper your chances of success in the male cosmetics battlefield.

Right gents, let’s get down to business.  It’s time to import some wisdom from the tried and tested men of MMUK MAN!

Follow the below steps to truly get to grips with how you can run with makeup for men and no longer agonise over embarrassing flare ups.  Instead, antagonise your cosmetic daemons and flourish as a truly modern, masculine enriched and makeup endorsed 21st century grooming male.

Firstly, pre moisturise your skin two to three minutes before step two, taking on board the above advice with regards to what ingredients in a male moisturiser you should avoid.  Rub in gently throughout your entire face and allow it to dry.

Our recommended male makeup product for this step is:  MMUK MAN’s hydrating mango face cream.

Secondly, get your hands on a high quality skin primer for men.  This makeup for men product goes to great lengths to provide an invisible barrier between your skin and your male makeup, perfect for gentlemen who are wishing to remove the appearance of rosacea.  As well as offering great protection, male skin primers also offer an all day long natural and masculine makeup wear, along with continual moisturisation throughout your busy and hectic day, again ideal in your battle against rosacea.  Apply such a product and again allow to settle and work it’s way onto your skin.

Our recommended male cosmetic makeup base is:  MMUK MAN’s Skin Primer For Men.

Next gentlemen, you are faced with a choice, dependant on the weather conditions your skin will be subject to throughout your day.

In hot weather, which unfortunately may not be the case at this time of year, we would recommend getting to grips with a BB Cream For Men.  Sometimes called ‘male blemish balms’ these cosmetic heavyweights tirelessly work to even your skin tone, brighten your skin and seriously disguise the appearance of rosacea on men.  All of MMUK MAN’s BB Creams also offer SPF qualities, which give you optimal protection, another factor minimising the appearance of male rosacea.

So fellas, if you are heading off to soak up some winter sun, make sure that one of these male skin care masterpieces remains by your side. After all, a burnt wingman is useless! - p.s. Budgie smugglers are optional.

MMUK MAN’s recommended male BB cream is: Urban Soul’s Men’s BB Cream.

Alternatively gents, and specifically throughout the winter, you should slightly alter your male cosmetic flightpath.  At this stage we would recommend taking on board a foundation for men.  Such a men’s foundation, like MMUK MAN’s Pro Finish Foundation For Men, applied after moisturisation and the application of a men’s skin primer will give your face a fresh, polished and even look whilst blending perfectly with the undisturbed skin tone of your face.  For a continual skin tone and to leave the signs of rosacea well and truly in the background, a men’s foundation at this time of year can turn your skin grief into a real success story.

Finally, there are some blemishes which a BB cream for guys nor a male foundation can hide.  These tend to be more severe, sore and red blemishes, which may crop up from time to time across the mid third section of your face, if you suffer from rosacea.  For this, it’s time to call in the big boys!  A cover up stick for men is your perfect tool to really finish off your look.  Apply directly onto these defined male imperfections and blend in using a blending brush for men or simply your fingertip for instant, subtle and masculine cover up success. 

So, where do you go from here?...It’s easy!

  • Take on board the guidance notes at the beginning of this male makeup blog.
  • Understand what order you should put men’s makeup on and what products are best for you.
  • Choose a shade in a foundation which best matches your current skin tone.
  • Select a shade in one of our concealer sticks for men in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone.
  • Get to grips with the best practices to apply each of your products.

And finally, remember.  You’re not alone in tackling rosacea, it is very common amongst 21st century grooming males and with our help and assistance you can make it a thing of your past, forever! 

Should you wish to ask any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mensmake-up.co.uk or via our Contact Form...Enjoy!