A great deal of guys come to us asking how to eliminate a ginger beard tone after applying the likes of tinted moisturiser and foundation for men.  A ginger appearance arises when products which are often tanned in colour meet brown or dark facial follicles.  Once essentially mixed together, you're left with a tone of beard that most guys don't put on their grooming wish list.  Of course gents, it's not just the beard that can suffer.  Getting product in the eyebrows and hairline can also disrupt your natural look and leave your confidence a little off cue.

In today's male makeup blog, we'll be showing you how you can work makeup for men products with your facial hair, regardless of its length or style.  With a little help in hand from our experts, quickly get to grips with a popular bug bare amongst our clients and take full advantage of what these products were solely designed to do.

1. Don't overdo it.

Remember fellas, when it comes to makeup for men, it's important to not over do it with the quantity of product.  Whether you're perfecting foundation or bronzer, apply your product in smaller doses to specific areas of your face at a time and your beard won't end up collecting excess product throughout the application process.

2. Work against the grain.

The key to letting your cosmetics set on your skin naturally is to rub them in against the grain of your facial hairline (i.e. away from the chin)  Make sure you rub thoroughly over such areas and allow a couple of minutes after applying other grooming products such as primer or moisturiser.  Because let's face it gents, we don't want it all to get sticky.

3. Use a men's cosmetic brush.

Using an appropriate men's makeup brush will work wonders.  These are especially formed to help application through facial hair with their finely tipped ends, perfect for the male cosmetic lover.  Use the power of a bronzing brush, foundation brush or blending brush depending on your product, and again, apply the product against the natural growth line of your facial hair.

4. Deploy at wet wipe or Cotton Bud.

Okay, so it might not be your most manly moment, but if you're still struggling with a ginger beard after applying men's cosmetics.  Gently, using a wet wipe or cotton bud, rub over the problem area and simply dab off any excess product.  This can also be done over the eyebrows, should you accidently leave a little foundation or tinted moisturiser behind.  Remember gents, this small problem comes with the territory of colour face cosmetics, but with a little help from MMUK MAN, it can be quickly eliminated.