So gentlemen, about a fortnight or so ago I was asked to review Evolution Man's brand new tinted moisturiser by MMUK MAN.  I've dabbled in a little tinted moisturiser in the past and have used the likes of MYEGO's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, as well as Calvin Klein's Tinted Moisturiser.  I'd had real success with this type of makeup for men product, so looking forward to my new product’s arrival was definitely an understatement.

At £30.00, I was of course expecting big things from this male tinted moisturiser and when it arrived, the packaging, feel and obvious masculinity of the product itself certainly lived up to the billing.  You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck with Evolution Man and quite honestly, I couldn't wait to slip it into my morning grooming routine and share my views with you guys.
The product claims to have several cosmetic and skin care benefits for men's skin, so it's only right to measure performance based on these claims to see if more and more gents out there could justify quite a hefty outlay on this male cosmetic product.

After initial application, there were a few key things that stood out.  Firstly, the formula itself is greaseless (unlike some alternatives), it's also very lightweight and it stays in place to where you put it.  With some lower quality tinted moisturisers, I've experienced them clogging in certain areas on my face throughout the day and Evolution Man have clearly taken big steps to avoid this happening.

The second notable thing about this product is the natural sun kissed glow it gives my skin.  I don't really like using the term sun kissed, as it sounds a bit feminine, but a bronzed healthy finish is certainly something that people look out for in my appearance and with Evolution Man, I can effortlessly fake it.  What's better is the matte bronzed finish this greaseless formula provides, whilst some tinted moisturisers tend to look cakey and orange, Evolution Man have clearly side stepped that hurdle in one universal all skin tone compatible formula.

Of course, another big factor in the greatness of this type of product is their ability to suitably moisturise.  After application my skin felt immediately invigorated and refreshed, a perfect tonic to my brand new flawless and even complexion.  Furthermore, on the days where I had shaved prior to application, it did a great job at calming my skin and making it feel comfortable.  With a couple of extra benefits, including sun protection and assistance with improving my skin's function, I'd Have to give Evolution Man's Tinted Moisturiser a very respectable 4 and a half stars out of 5.  The product itself looks great and seriously improves my complexion and confidence.  An all round master product in its field and well up there with the best in the business.