The culture behind and the persona of many Indian men, some would say is very extravert, I however, would say extremely refreshing, vibrant and exciting.  So, it is hardly surprising that so many Indian gentlemen wish to experiment with a little bit of makeup from time to time.  Why follow the same old grooming routines, when everything else in your lives is so fabulous?


In today’s mens makeup blog, I’ve decided to take a closer look into what important hints and tips should be taken on board by Indian men, whom wish to master makeup.  Whether on a day-to-day basis, or for that very special occasion, introducing the likes of foundation, concealer and even brow gel subtlety into your grooming routine can bring with it a whole host of benefits, which will leave you looking and feeling great.


Many Indian grooms prefer to use a little makeup on their wedding day, which is perfectly fine.  After all, for a jazzy, spectacular showpiece, you certainly do not want your skin and complexion to be holding you back.  Add some flavour to your own look with specific makeup products for men and truly enjoy the rewards.


So, my fellow gentleman!  Let’s begin and get down to work!  Below I have highlighted some important products which offer the most subtle and professional makeup wear for Indian men.  So, let’s begin with five important steps every man should follow for completely eye catching results.  


Use a good lip balm 

Using a good men’s lip balm will really bring these features out in the most manly of ways.  Avoid coloured lip balms and choose a slightly shiny balm, such as MMUK MAN’s.  Not only will your lips feel comfortable all day long (perfect for a wedding or special occasion), but, your lips will look and feel healthier and more attractive.  Do not over do it with lip balm application, otherwise they can look too shiny.  A quick and simple application will do just the trick!


Build the foundations 

Many Indian men have to deal with an uneven skin tone, open skin pores and a rough skin surface.  If this is you, or you have many mild imperfections across your face, offer your skin a really natural blanket of coverage with a foundation for men.  Both MMUK MAN and Calvin Klein offer a great range of mens foundations, and these can be quickly applied after a daily moisturiser or preferably, for even better results, after a men’s skin primer.  Choose a foundation colour that is closest to your skin tone (with N95 being our most popular) and you will be a huge step closer to achieving true cosmetic success.


Use a concealer for men

Using a good male concealer, in the form of a cover stick or pot will work wonders in covering up common facial imperfections.  Spots, marks, blemishes, scars and rough skin can all be quickly and easily eliminated with this form of concealer.  Best of all, most concealers on offer are really easy to apply and are specifically designed to look natural.  Choose such a makeup for men product in the same shade as your foundation for a complete match.  Be sure to apply with a clean fingertip or a blending brush and gently blend the product into your imperfection and closely surrounding areas.  Men’s concealers are designed to be long lasting, perfect for your wedding day, if photographs are being taken late into your big day.


Do not forget the eyes

To remove the appearance of dark circles, eye bags and tired looking eyes, a different form of men’s concealer is required.  An under eye product, focuses entirely on this delicate area of your skin and allows your contours to look brighter, toned and revitalized with one quick application.  The best under eye concealers come in the form of a pen or with an application wand to make application very easy.  A simple dab onto such an area and blend in with your fingertip will eliminate such problems and leave you looking awake and fresh long into the night.


Highlight your features

Carefully bring out your strong facial features to life.  Whether it’s a strong nose or chiseled cheekbones, a men’s bronzer can be applied lightly across such areas of your face to really take advantage of your best bits.  The official name for this is highlighting and contouring, but with a little bit of a matte bronzer for men and a bronzing brush, you can master the concept behind it, without getting tied down by al the techniques.  Remember to go lightly with men’s bronzer, as applying too much could leave you looking feminine, something which is not going to be up there on your list of grooming goals.


So gentlemen, bring out the perfection in the most masculine ways with a little help from the grooming gods and professional makeup for men.  For each product recommended, there are a wonderful array of product on offer for Indian men.  Don’t forget, if there’s any other information you require, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and professional team.