We know that makeup for men currently resides somewhere between social division and a labour of love, but whilst the popularity of it grows, we thought we’d give you a run down on the best occasions most suitable for cosmetic use, and how you can do nothing but use it to your advantage during your hour of most need.


You want to look good for the right occasions gentlemen.  So whether it is a little touch up with a concealer for men, or perhaps the use of a mens foundation or guyliner.  Regardless of your desired look, there remains very much a place for its different forms, to leave you standing out from the crowd in all the right ways.  The truth is, master your look and once you have got it just perfect, there is no limit to the success you can have, turning a dull and imperfection riddled complexion to a flawless and thorough feature of excellence.



Everyone loves a good wedding fellas! Except of course, if it’s the love of your life marrying some other dude.  But, for your sake, you’d hope to not be invited.  So when you are dressed up to the nines and looking good, you do not want your skin to let you down.

Welcome aboard to the world of men’s makeup.  By using just a touch of men’s tinted moisturiser and a concealer stick, you will really get the tone and complexion to look great at that summer wedding.  Reveal a more flawless complexion on the sly, whilst keeping it nice and natural, ensuring all eyes aren’t taken off the Bride in all the wrong ways.


Work / Meetings

Our next social situation is very much linked to confidence.  When you are trying to deliver that killer presentation at work, or close that big deal.  You do not want to be looking as though you have just crawled out of bed, having already made such an effort to steer away from that look.  So, when delivering your slides or chatting in a room full of fellow execs, do not allow your skin to let you down.

Go lightly on the makeup for men, especially if you find yourself under artificial light, and be sure to use a skin primer for men and a matifier.  This will take away any potential glow and leave your skin looking fresh and radiant, perfect for that corporate occasion and to put the best face forward.


Nights Out

When you are dancing the night away and most likely socializing with members of the opposite sex, you do not want your complexion to leave your confidence in tatters.  We all know how the arrival of a couple of spots, red skin or a series of blemishes can leave you feeling, and when it comes to trying to look good on a night out, it is not a pleasant experience.  

If you’ve spent your Saturday afternoon picking out some new clobber and you have freshened up with a hair trim and shave, the last thing you want to be greeted with upon looking in the mirror is imperfect skin.  Amazingly, makeup for men can help.  With the use of a concealer in particular, you can effortlessly glide away mens imperfections, giving you that true boost you need to make it a night to remember.  Keep your head in the game and make a tactical decision of the benefits of men’s makeup when it comes to Friday and Saturday night.


Job Interview 

Combine the last two points and we turn to the enhanced confidence you can achieve when using male makeup during a job interview.  If you suffer with interrupted skin, your confidence will inevitably take a bashing, and as a result, you may find it difficult to make sustained eye contact with your interviewer.  Banish all the hassle and become the outstanding candidate, again by using some extremely subtle makeup.  

A tinted moisturiser can really give you that fresh off the beach skin and you can take that morning boost of confidence with you into that interview to clinch the deal.  In the same way the stars of the Apprentice may look in the boardroom, do not let your skin hold you back from achieving your professional goals.



Adopt the same philosophy above to a social event and you are left with the benefits of wearing makeup for men on dates.  Not only will you find yourself more confident, but your date will be left not only wondering how you got your wonderful skin, but be more drawn to your eyes and other facial features, as appose to the otherwise glaringly obvious issue of problem skin.

Take control with some of the key products out there and really make it a date to remember for you both.  Turn the power back around and really show her a good time, rather than her wishing she was curled up on the sofa watching her favourite soap instead.


So gentlemen, from social situations to the professional side of things, the popularity of mens makeup remains firmly on the rise because of the benefits any man can take advantage of in any of these five situations.  Where first instinct of makeup may be that of disgust and stereotyping.  Peel back the layers and you will discover the host of benefits it can bring to you, your lifestyle and career progression.