Men's eyeliner (guyliner) is certainly not a new phenomenon.  From the rock stars of the 70's right through to your modern day sex symbols, such as Russell Brand and Johnny Depp, this form of men's cosmetic continues to make waves and grace it’s presence in a steady number of gentlemen’s grooming routines each day..  Discover how you can make your eyes central to your own success with some of MMUK MAN's key benefits to regular wear.

When worn right, it's easy to reap the full rewards of guyliner.  Whether you're in the office, at a gig or a party, guyliner's versatility allows you to look enhanced in any environment.  Boasting eyeliner from brands such as Taxi Man, Calvin Klein and our very own MMUK MAN, there's plenty of options to get your look just right.

The first benefit to male eyeliner is that it ads valuable depth and definition to your eyes.  By framing them professionally, you're really able to achieve a captivating look, guaranteed to keep your audience’s attention.  Tackling lifeless eyes is something you can only really do with male eyeliner and once you've had a couple of practises, it really will become second nature.   When coupled with other male eye makeup products such as mascara and brow gel, you truly can generate a look to make a lasting impression.

Bringing in other male cosmetic products, such as brow gel and mascara for men is vital for an overall fabulous look.  Guyliner is the first real step to this as it compliments wonderfully these forms of product.  Eye makeup for men completely redefines this area and guyliner is the weapon that takes centre stage.

The next benefit is specific for subtle makeup for men advocates.  Keeping the eyeliner line slick and even, you are really able to strike the perfect balance between natural and defined.  Perfect before a meeting, presentation or interview a little touch up can go a long way!  Using eyeliner to capture your audience will also take focus away from common facial imperfections which you may have.  Draw focus away from spots, moles or any common skin complaint and really enjoy a burst of confidence.

Finally, eyeliner kohl pencil's really give you the ability to smudge the product to create the ultimate drama.  For the perfect smouldering rock star look choose a black version.    Grab attention and never let it go with a luxury eye product for men!