Mans Clear SkinWe all know how the story goes fellas.  You have got your clobber sorted, you are smelling good and your hair is looking its best.  But, you cannot seem to shake of those troublesome spots before a night out on the town, or perhaps a date.  Besides from seemingly ruining your look, it wouldn’t be surprising if your confidence started taking a battering thanks to these inconsiderate and intrusive guests.

Fortunately guys, in today’s mens makeup blog, we are not going to litter you with an abundance of male cosmetics, which quite frankly you might feel require an instruction manual to get right.  Instead, we will be showing you the power of concealer for men and how with one single product, your complexion can go from zero to hero within just a few minutes.  By utilizing the sheer cover up power of male concealer, you too can target a spot or small cluster of pimples and expertly disguise them before the big night.

Wanna find out how?... Let’s go.

Feel more confident and look fresher as we walk you through what it takes to take a parting blast at those lingering imperfections with a camouflaging concealer.  Further down the list we will highlight some of the best concealers for men, but for now, let’s find out how.

6 steps to quick and easy spot cover up

Step 1 - Wash as normal - Take a nice hot shower before getting ready, the steam from which will soften your skin and open your pores for effective cleaning.  Using a gentle face scrub will remove your skin of visible dirt and diminish the likelihood of blackheads and further spots forming down the line as well as making your skin feel invigorated.

Step 2 - Pat your face dry - Rubbing your face dry out of anger is a definite no no gents.  Pat it dry and allow it to settle for two to three minutes, giving you plenty of time to whack on the ipod.

Step 3 - Don’t forget to moisturise - Take a good quality male moisturiser and rub it evenly into your skin, ensuring you reach every one of your face’s crevices.  Again, allow to soak in for a couple of minutes as your entire face starts to take a more supple and smooth approach.

Step 4 - Build the foundations - This step is entirely optional, however, employing the use of a tinted moisturiser for men or a mens foundation will completely even your skin tone, give your skin a blanket of natural coverage and hide those less defined facial imperfections.

Step 5 - Send in the heavies - Now it’s time for your male concealer.  Utilize it in a stick form a dab it directly onto your remaining more defined spots.  Be sure to press slightly heavier on the more raised and visible pimples, ensuring more product is dispensed for effective cover up.  Once complete, swiftly move on to your final step.

Step 6 - Blend and go - Using your clean fingertip or even a mens blending brush, gently dab the product into your imperfections and surrounding areas.  Discover how far just a little skin touch up can take you by completing the process across all of your remaining spots.  By rubbing the excess male concealer into your imperfections surrounding areas, you will really see incredible blending and ultimately natural coverage, ensuring you do not hit the town standing out like a sore thumb.

Now in a bid not to waste any more of your time and keep this week’s makeup for men blog nice and snappy we recommend using one of two concealer sticks for men, both offering very similar features:

Whilst MMUK MAN’s version offers long lasting subtlety, STILA Men Experts concealer for men is a slightly thicker formula for more severe pimple cover up for men.  Check both of them out and discover some of the dramatic 11th hour transformation some of our clients have had with two truly wonderful products on our customer testimonials page.