Smile for the camera! It’s your big day and you want to be looking your sharpest. However, with the nerves kicking in the night before, you’ll inevitably suffer with an unexpected lack of sleep. this, coupled with your body still undoubtedly trying to filter through all you put through it on your stag do, is more than likely going to make dark circles and eye bags appear.

Panic! So, it’s the morning of your wedding and you’re looking a little bit drained shall we say! We’re regularly contacted by gentlemen searching for makeup advise on their big day, with them being worried about it’s natural finish, being their most common concern. Sound familiar? If so, the good news is guys that your can banish bags and demolish dark circles in an instant, with a little help from the grooming gods here at MMUK MAN.

Using a targeted treatment of Polaar Icy Magic’s Eye Roll-on to rejuvenate the appearance of your delicate under eye skin, along with the extreme camouflage power of MMUK MAN’s super charged under eye concealer, it will be all systems go, as you party the night away into the land of husbanville!

MMUK MAN’s Under Eye Concealer looks incredibly natural and more importantly, it does not cost the earth. Enriched with vitamins, this liquid based cover up quickly sinks into the under eye area to brighten dark circles and reflect light, resulting in the appearance of brighter and younger looking peepers.

So gentlemen, give yourself one less thing to worry about on the big day. Whilst we can’t take away the jangling nerves of your speech preparations, we can alleviate all the bathroom tension when it comes to getting you ready to look your very best on the big day! Good luck! May the force be with you!