About a month, my girlfriend and I were getting ready to go out for the evening. I'd showered, freshened up and began to get ready, when I couldn't help but think something was missing. My skin was pale, I didn't feel quite right and to be honest, a night in front of the TV watching Match Of The Day, just seemed so much more appealing. I was also suffering from a small breakout of spots on my forehead, which was simply adding insult to injury.

After sharing my frustrations with my partner, she, to my initial horror, suggested trying on a little makeup for men to make me feel better and with a gentle bit of persuasion, I decided to let her take the reins. She had explained to me that she'd think it would look hot and, as she looked so good that night, who was I not to give her what she fancied?

However, I did have to set a limit to conserve my masculinity. After all, I didn't want to be heading out to our favorite cocktail bar wearing lip stick and showcasing rosy blushed cheeks, like a Vegas drag queen. Instead, I wanted to be able to Blend it like Beckham, a man I knew had more than a few hundred million female admirers.

We met on common ground by applying firstly a skin primer, before she went on to applying my foundation, concealer and just a smidgen of bronzer. Needless to say, I looked fantastic! After a game changing evening out being showered with compliments from friends, I quickly came to realize how upgrading my grooming game now, could plain and simply change my future forever.

It's safe to say I was hooked and within a hectic, never to be forgotten week, I was wearing men's makeup every evening. At first, I'd began using my girlfriends products, but quickly learned that I needed to invest in some myself, with Clinique's Face Bronzer For Men and MMUK MAN's Foundation and Concealer Stick being first on my hit-list, along with a little anti shine-powder from MYEGO.

Then, I began looking at the bigger picture. What if I wore my cosmetics to work? Instead of those dormant dark circles, I could be showcasing fresh and revitalized eyes during those mind crushing Monday morning meetings. I then thought that in order to stand out in all walks of life, I'd have to adopt my little secret weapon into all aspects of it, which is why now, four weeks on, I feel compelled to share with you my success story. Not only has my confidence sky rocketed, but I feel more on the ball at work. People are taking note at my surge in confidence and management’s eyebrows are certainly being raised.

Would I recommend wearing men’s makeup to others? A massive, 100%, no questions asked yes! Makeup should no longer be a women’s only thing and if I can rock guy-liner like Jonny Depp and bronzer like Brad, as well as keeping my very own Angelina happy in the process, who am I to argue?