Mastering eyeliner or any other makeup for men product, we all know, can seem like a real challenge.  But, thankfully fellas, courtesy of our latest male beauty blog, we’ll be showing you how to apply men’s eyeliner in five simple steps.  Men’s eyeliner is becoming more and more popular with the rise of its use by male celebrities such as Russell Brand and Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine.


Discover how you can make your eyes appear framed, fuller and more seductive with some great application tips, perfect if you want to max out on subtlety, or go for the rock god look.  From brands such as Taxi Man, Calvin Klein and MMUK MAN, it’s easy to find a guyliner perfect for you.


Step 1:  Find a good eyeliner.  Preferably a eyeliner kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner for men, as these smudge really well.  Most guys go for a black colour as it gives just the right effect.  However, brown if you are looking for a more natural finish, or blonde types if you have pale skin will give you just the look you’re after.


Step 2:  Start with your lower lashes by pulling the skin taught at the corner of your eye for a safer application and smoother finish.  Giving a more even surface, gently apply the eyeliner in short strokes to the very faint lashes under the eye for maximum impact.


Step 3:  Continue on to the upper lid using the same application method.  Remembering to pull the eyelid tight from either the corner or top, you are really given the license to apply as little or as much as you want, depending of course on how much you want your guyliner to stand out.


Step 4:  Apply the eyeliner to the two corners of your eye, keeping it to a minimum at all times.  This is mainly due to avoiding a gunky mess forming throughout your day or night, something which isn’t going to leave you looking your best.  Bring out the lines and work the product finely into these two areas.


Step 5:  The final step is optional, but if you’re looking to create a smoldering and smudged effect, take a damp cotton bud and in gentle strokes away from the eye, smudge the eyeliner to achieve a lighter and more feminine look.


Most gents who use eyeliner like to keep it natural and make avoid our final step.  However, if you’re off out to a gig and want maximum impact, certainly take a look at all five of our key steps.