There are quite a few motives behind wanting to cover a tattoo.  Whether you're trying to look professional for a job interview, worried how family or friends might react, or simply just trying to banish your signature mistake from a boys holiday in Malia, you can certainly make the most of quality makeup for men performance.  Some gents might even want to hide the name of an ex or that instantly regrettable tat you got back when you were 18.  Regardless of your need, in today's men's makeup blog, follow these 8 easy steps to hide a tattoo each and every day.

After just a few practices, you'll be able to trim this routine down to a few minutes and remember guys, if you're covering a tattoo for a specific occasion, it's always a good idea to have a couple of goes practising in the run up to it.  It's also important to remember to only conceal  a tattoo if it has fully healed.  Covering with makeup products whilst relatively new can lead to infection and inflammation, which we do not advise.

So, let's begin!

Step 1 - Prepare Right

Start off by cleansing your tattooed skin.  Use a gentle face wash over the area and prepare your skin just right before the application of makeup.  Don't rub too hard and the softening of the skin will create the perfect base to be built upon with the likes of concealer and foundation.

Step 2 - Get It Right

Choose a concealer for men, preferably a cream or stick version that is three or four shades lighter than your natural skin tone.  If you're a Caucasian man, N3 on our pallet is a good choice whilst gentlemen with darker skin may want to use the likes of N5 to N7 depending on your exact skin tone.

Step 3 - Get Dabbing

Using some men's makeup application sponges, apply your cream concealer in a dabbing motion over your tattoo.  It's vital to do this as appose to rubbing it in as this technique will give you less targeted coverage.

Step 4 - Let it dry for a couple of minutes.  You will notice now that your tattoo is becoming more faded and with the next 4 steps, it's time to banish it completely from your day to day lives.

Step 5 - Back to the Pallet

Now, it's time to go back to the pallet and choose a liquid based foundation for men in a tone that closely matches your skin tone.  MMUK MAN's Foundation for men is a very effective product in the covering of tattoos and offers a large enough shade range to get your colour just right.

Step 6 - Get Dabbing Again

Again, take a new application sponge and dab your foundation onto it, before pressing it over your tattoo.  Similar to what you did for the lighter concealer, the only difference here being after you've dabbed enough product over your tattoo to completely disguise it, simply blend around the edges into your normal skin, making it look really nice and natural.  A simple sweeping dabbing motion will do just the trick in blending your makeup for men in, regardless of where on the body it is.

Step 7 - Go Matte

Now fellas, it's time to make it look completely natural with the help of a translucent powder.  MMUK MAN's anti shine is the perfect product for this and when applied with a powder/bronzer brush, it will completely take the cakey shine off its appearance.  A simple dust of powder will firm your makeup's set and leave it disguised securely all day long whilst looking matte.

Step 8 - An Added Benefit

If you're in a rush, you can speed up the set of your male makeup by spraying a little hairspray over your concealed tattoo.  This will speed up the protection layer, meaning you can put your clothes and leave the house quicker without having to worry about your tattoo becoming more visible.

In eight simple steps, let MMUK MAN and our range of natural cosmetics for men guide you through your grooming grief and turn your skin and confidence around in a flash!