With winter drawing in and those long cold nights starting to take their toll on your skin, like most gents, you're probably in need of a little skin pick me up...right?  The Sunday fun days of summer and Mediterranean voyages, are, by now, probably nothing but a long lost memory.  Further still, that healthy bronzed glow, reminiscent of summer days gone by has probably well and truly faded into the background.  But, fear not, the MMUK MAN team are here to help.

Whilst imperfections certainly feel and look more visible in winter, such skin problems on men are compounded further still by a paler and more dull complexion.  Thankfully fellas, there is an outcome which we can all be happy with.  With the help of some carefully selected men's makeup products, you too can bring back that summer like glow.  Whether, you're looking for a post holiday bronzed look with a male bronzing powder.  Or, even just a fresher and more even complexion with the help of a foundation for men.  Basque in the glory of some of our finest male cosmetic products as you turn tired and rusty in fresh and healthy in the run up to the holiday season.

In today's men's beauty blog, we will be running the rule over 5 series of male cosmetic products, all of which are perfect at tackling your post summer blues!  Fight fatigue and achieve a healthier glow with a little help from the grooming gods.  Lay down the gauntlet on your winter skin care and cosmetics for men routine as you bid to overcome the sheer disappointment of the cold winter months.

First up comes a men's foundation.  When matched to your skin (which can be easily done using our colour guide) a men's foundation offers a mild and healthy glow across the entirety of your face, as well as blurring imperfection and rapidly improving your skin tone.  The result?  With such a cosmetic product for men, your complexion will appear more refined, more HD and will really begin to boost your own pigments’ performance.  A men’s foundation really utilizes what you already have in essence and makes for a more glowing look through the resizing of your facial pores...clever stuff!

Secondly, meet a men's tinted moisturiser!  Fundamentally, a men's moisturiser with a tint or hint of colour, such products are perfect for winter grooming as they intensely nourish and moisturise your face, whilst the inbuilt tint adds an incredible glow, perfect for when you can’t afford a fortnight in the sun with not a care in the world.  There are some fantastic men's tinted moisturisers on the men's makeup market, including the likes of MMUK MAN, Recipe For Men and Calvin Klein.  Quickly turn back the hands of time and escape the straightjacket of pale and unimpressive winter skin.

Next, it’s time for a bronzer for men!  Bronzer's are designed to add instant colour, aid in maximum impact and assist in providing your face with a subtle yet overpowering glow.  When it comes to mastering men's bronzers, buy a matte product, ensuring shimmer is reduced, and complete colour can shine through in all the right ways.  Apply your bronzer under natural light to ensure you get a nice and natural finish and remember, a little can go a long way.  ranging between £9 and £24.00, your typical men's bronzer will add style and versatility to your look, as well as create a truly captivating finish.  Cheat a tan in a fraction of the time and add some good colour to the areas of your face which would naturally be more exposed to the sun.

Penultimately fellas, why not check out what a good quality illuminating bronze cream can do.  Again, very similar to men's tinted moisturiser, but typically built up over 24 hours.  Use a men's bronze cream to retract natural light, brighten your look and achieve a generally healthier glow.  Whilst most contain light refracting elements, a bronzing cream really works well for men over 30 as they superbly blend over the top of fatigued skin, fine lines and wrinkles,  adding youth to the concoction of class created by such a powerful men's cosmetic range.

If that wasn't enough, why not go all out with a men's self tan?  A good non-streaking men's fake tan adds bundles of glow, complete subtleness and can be built up over the course of a week or so to just the level of colour you want.  There are some fantastic products out there on the market, most notably Nickel's gradual self tanner and like most, will blur imperfections and help you fight off those god forsaking blemishes.  When buying men’s fake tan, be sure to not cut the penny’s.  Buying cheap can make you look too feminine, when in reality, it’s vital to look natural and masculine.  Apply using an application mitt and don’t forget to neglect the neck and chest.

So my fellow gentleman.  when it comes to creating a healthier look and showcasing a nice fresh glow, there are in fact a number of products available just for you.  From the basic to complex, quick to more in depth, you are sure to find a product that exceeds in doing just the job.  Remember to go easy, as you don't want to be left looking like an extra out of TOWIE and manage your own expectations when it comes to looking just right.