When you've finally struck lucky and bagged yourself a date with that hottie you've had your eye on for weeks or the girl next door, you can't afford anything to hold you back, least not your skin.  With all the usual formalities to remember over dinner, along with having to keep up good conversation and maintaining her attention, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the odd spot that will inevitably crop up before your big date.  Not to mention other conditions such as Rosacea and redness that can be linked to embarrassment levels too.

In today's male makeup blog, allow our team to take you on a brisk walk through the world of men's cosmetics and guide you on just what products are out there to be capitalized on.  As well as improving confidence, which is obviously so crucial to your dates success, leave her focusing on your eyes and other great features, as appose to desperately trying not to stare at mount Vesuvius growing in the middle of your forehead.

When it comes to instant skin success there is really only one place to start!  Concealer for men does an absolutely wonderful job at camouflaging away all those lingering on your face, meaning when it's time to impress the girl of your dreams, those nasty little blighters can RSVP elsewhere!  Choose a male concealer that is close to your skin tone and apply the product over your spots, blemishes and marks for an instant uplift in confidence and attraction.

If you do suffer from the likes of rosacea, redness or just generally sensitive skin then a foundation for men or tinted moisturiser should be your first port of call.  Foundations are similar to concealers in that they provide your face with a blanket of coverage, but when applied all over, work wonders in evening your skin tone and taking off the sharpness of redness.  MMUK MAN's Foundation For Men is a great shout for this type of grooming success as it moisturises the skin whilst correcting.

Imperfections such as bushy eyebrows pale skin and a greasy complexions can also play havoc with your confidence before, leading up to and during your date.  For this, why not deploy the likes of brow gel for men, bronzer and anti-shine powder to give your complexion a head start towards Saturday night success?  All three of these product ranges are available from some great brands and whilst the notion of makeup for men might seem a little feminine at first, the obvious masculinity of these products’ packaging, feel and look, make it a far cry from stealing your sisters bronzing powder in a pre-date panic.