However, with the stresses and strains put on your skin throughout the week, you'd be forgiven for looking and feeling a little fatigued, shall we say.  Worry no more!  Here at MMUK MAN, we've created the holy trinity of makeup for men guide's, to leave you looking spectacular before a big one, ready for all Saturday night might just throw at you.

We're not talking about copious amounts of man-slap that screams drama queen over sculpted hunk, just simply a collection of easy to apply men’s makeup products to seriously upgrade your complexion.

Enjoy a surge in confidence and look the part with some male cosmetic products that do nothing less than enhance your skin in the most natural of ways.  So let’s begin.

First, start with a good makeup primer for men or a light moisturiser.  Apply it thoroughly throughout your face and leave it to sink in in for one or two minutes.  If you have typically shiny skin, you may want to adopt an anti-shine moisturiser, as you don't want your makeup to look cloggy and caked.  Such a moisturiser will offer protection and fight that typically hung-over skin appearance, most of us guys get after a skin full.

Next you have an option of two products:  Use either MMUK MAN's Foundation for Men or Myego's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer to add a blanket of natural coverage and colour to your face.  Applied in the same way you would apply the moisturiser, apply the product evenly across your face for phase two completion of your galvanized and refreshing look.  Myego’s tinted moisturiser for men and the foundation do a great job at evening your skin tone, adding a healthy dose of colour to the skin and blanketing the face in natural cover up properties.

Follow the use of this form of cover-up with a good quality concealer for men.  MMUK MAN, 4Voo and Calvin Klein offer great concealers for men which can be applied directly onto those more defined facial imperfections and quickly banish them.  Remember, most men's makeup experts advise to dab the imperfection in concealer and blend it in using your finger tip.  This is by far the best way and will leave spots, scars, blemishes and marks all but gone.  Not bad eh!  Getting your concealer colour just right is very simple by choosing a shade one lighter than your current skin tone.  If you are unsure of your skin colour, feel free to send us in a photography of yourself and we can do all the leg work for you and advise you of the best makeup tone for you. (

Once you've finished with the cover-up concealer, take a men's under eye concealer and lightly dab it onto your eye contours.  These brightening pen concealers do a great job at refracting light and minimizing the appearance of dark circles, fatigued eyes and bags.  They're completely easy to use and offer a little enhancement to the area all too often, too quick to break down.  Hide the effects of a busy week and really brighten up the look of your eyes in an instant.  Again, blend in with your natural skin tone using your finger tip.

The fifth and final step on how to look good before a night out as a man comes in the form of an anti-shine powder.  Whether you're doing your favourite moves, in a hot restaurant or something a little more active, you don't want shiny skin to set you back.  Using MyEgo's Matifiant or MMUK MAN's Anti Shine Powder, you can quickly set your male cosmetics and leave your skin looking and feeling matte.  Apply using the included application brush and apply product to your forehead, cheeks and nose.  This will leave you looking great.

Remember guys, looking good before a night out need not cost you the earth or an abundance of time.  I usually master all five steps in about 5 to 8 minutes.  It's quick and easy and even if you are new to make up for men, it doesn't take that long to master.  For any other advice on how you can improve your look with cosmetics or tackle a specific skin problem feel free to contact me and I will get back to you within twenty-four hours.

Until next time, enjoy the weekend!