Large pores are a skin complaint up to an astonishing 55% of men have reported to suffer with.  Whilst there are various potential causes of this out there, there is no definite answer as to the true reasons behind its on set.  However, fortunately for you guys, by following a tight skin care and cosmetic regime, you can quickly banish them from your bathroom state of play.


Arising normally across the T-zone, enlarged and open pores are often linked to oil levels within the skin.  If you are a guy continually battling oily skin, then there is a high chance that you may also be struggling with pore issues in your day to day grooming life.  In today's male cosmetic blog, we'll be looking over some key makeup for men products that have been proven to help over recent years.


But first, in order to start off on the right track, we would highly recommend the use of a good quality face wash and scrub.  The excess removal of oil and exfoliation away of dead skin cells will certainly give you a head start in achieving a flawless , uninterrupted and even complexion.  Regular visits to the steam room have also been known to help too, as again, the removal of oil from your face will result in the correct closing of your pores.  Remember guys, it's a common myth that splashing your face with cold water will close your pores - so definitely do not try this at home.


When it comes to leaning on the power of men's makeup to minimise the appearance of pores, there's a couple of things that are important to know.  It's very important to choose a liquid or mineral high coverage product, as this form of product will give you adequate coverage all day long without further blocking your pores.  Secondly, it's important to realise that less is more when it comes to covering up large pores.  Over doing it, so to speak, will result in your skin becoming more clogged and ultimately flare up your pore complaints even further.


Now it's time to switch our attention to what products we can offer that will certainly help.  It would only be right to start at MMUK MAN's translucent powder, an invisible blotting powder that packs a great punch in leaving your skin matte and shine free, whilst evening your pores appearance.  A clear powder to suit any skin tone, this anti shine rescue for men certainly deserves some attention when planning your next men’s cosmetic assault.


Next, a good quality liquid foundation offers all the coverage properties needed for men looking to even his skin tone and reduce the unevenness of his pores.  A liquid foundation such as MMUK MAN's foundation offers supreme hydration all day long without dehydrating the skin.  The result?  Your skin will be less incline to produce excess oil and will ultimately look revitalised all day long.


Finally gentlemen, if you struggle with open pores on just a small section of your face, the changes made to your routine can actually be quite minimal.  With the use of a good quality concealer for men, such as Recipe For Men's or MMUK MAN's concealer stick, a simple swipe over the affected area will do just the trick!


Three simple products that can help you banish your grooming daemons that will not break the bank.  Remember to choose amakeup shade closest to your skin tone and if you are not sure, you can always ask one of the team using our contact form or with the help of our colour palette.