We spend a fair whack getting our men’s cosmetic products in and a good amount of time getting to grips with how to apply them.  With foundation, concealer and even bronzer for men being up there with the most popular products men wish to master, this leads us onto another important aspect of successful male makeup wear, namely, how to get it off.


Wearing such products religiously throughout your day, we all know, can seriously upgrade your complexion.  However, one of the most decisive factors in whether you truly master the art of men’s makeup is correct removal.  The bottom line is gents that your skin inevitably needs time to breathe and with effective removal at the end of your day, you really are going to get the best of both worlds and strike a great balance between makeup for men and skincare.


With good removal of makeup, your skin will not clog, product will not settle in the nooks and crannies of your face and your skin will naturally be more prone to self-cleansing.  Furthermore, the performance of skin care products for men such as cleansers, night creams and moisturisers will benefit from improved performance, by merely not being put off course by the wastes and strays of the likes of bronzer and men’s anti shine powder.


There are four ways you can remove makeup for men.  Ranging from the cheap but more labour intensive to quick and effective techniques which could cost you a few extra pennies.  Either way fellas, you now know its importance and to fail at the final hurdle is simply not an option!


The first and most popular makeup removal technique for men is to deploy the power of a good quality makeup remover and some sponges.  A few dabs of product onto a clean sponge before removing product directly from your face, allows for quick and easy removal, perfect for the busy man on the go.  Making sure you reach every crevice of your face, your skin will benefit from true refreshment.  As most makeup for men removers contain botanicals, they offer great cleansing environments for your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and toned.


The next option comes in the form of remover sponges.  These effectively combine the previous two products and when wetted with warm water, allow for quick and easy removal, without the need to spend more money on remover itself, as product is already pre-set in the sponges.  This is even more ideal for men on the go, who don’t want to add yet more products into their already cluttered men’s grooming regimes.


Next, it’s time for the classic wash.  Warm water and a good face wash will effectively remove men’s makeup.  With the benefits being that it is cheaper, a good clean can be mastered by spending a few extra minutes washing.  the drawback of such a technique is that areas of your face are likely to be neglected and as a result, may become clogged and look dirty after you’ve freshened up.


Makeup remover wipes are another key tool used for quick removal.  Cleansing wipes, similar to sponges, will attract all forms of makeup and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.  By deploying such wipes, you are really given the tool for great men’s makeup wear and truly allowing your skin to breathe when it comes to the end of your day.


So gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed our run down of the best techniques to remove makeup for men.  Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to get in touch.